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 Quick info: 

Penname: Del Rion
Real name: Laura
Contact: delrion.mail (at)
Born: 1986
From: Finland
Languages: Finnish (native), English (writing)


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The Lord of the Rings (since 2004)
Alexander the Great (since 2005)
FAKE (since 2005)
Queer as Folk (since 2007)
Lord of War (since 2008)
Heroes (since 2008)
Avengers / Iron Man (MCU) (since 2012)
Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes (AEMH) (since 2013)
Batman (co-author, crossover, since 2013)
Matrix (crossover, since 2013)
Marvel Disk Wars: The Avengers (since 2014)

 About the author: 

I tackle writing with passion and have been building towards the ability to master the English language for 10 years now. I have a bit of a perfectionist streak in me when it comes to my written works – thusly constructive criticism is very welcome. I am a supporter and lover of slash; those not taking kindly to homosexual content are advised to check out the warnings for each story! (That being said, I encourage everyone to do the same regardless of their dislikes and triggers: warnings are there for a reason.)

My writing is usually preluded by a section called "Story Info":

Info, about & story/chapter status(es) contain basic info for the story (ratings, warnings, summary, characters, pairings etc.), my own thoughts about the story in general, and details about chapters, writing progress, update and edits.

Character introductions aim to introduce the original characters (OCs) in my story, if necessary.

Foreign Languages, if necessary, collects other-than-English expressions. In the case of multi-chapter stories, it will be updated with new words/phrases as new chapters are published.

This site may contain adult content, graphic violence, and other such themes. Please check the warnings in Story Info preceding the stories for warnings and ratings.
If you decided to disregard the given warnings, you are reading at your own risk.

Everything on this website is meant for free entertainment, and not for financial gain. No copyright violations or insult against any person or community is intended.
Every story is completely fictional. Check Disclaimers in each Story Info for more information.

Stealing material and copying them, or re-posting them without author’s permission is forbidden.

You are welcome to read, reply, and hand out constructive criticism. Pointless harassment, flaming, or misbehavior towards the author of this site or its other members is not allowed.