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Dark Iron (page 4)

page 3

- - -

It was as if someone had jump-started his brain all of a sudden. Tony’s eyes flew open and he stared at the dark room, figuring things out, putting it all together… At that same moment he realized he could feel the skin of Batman’s exposed face against his shoulder. He considered that, all of it, then closed his eyes again and huffed a breath of air into the pillow before allowing sleep to claim him once more.

Come morning, he hadn’t forgotten. Those six words haunted him and were at the front of his mind as he stirred. He was alone in bed, his body sore from jaw to shoulders to abs and from ass to legs but he dismissed that for now. He sat up carefully, scanning the room. Not the Tower, just as he had decided at some point last night.

He slowly got up, not finding his own clothes so he threw on what he found in a wardrobe. They were a bit big for him, cut for a man taller and wider than himself but every garment was of excellent quality and he smiled to himself as he stepped out onto the living room.

Batman stood at the open window, without his cloak but otherwise in full armor once more. Tony sauntered over to him, his movements a bit restrained but he knew the other man would notice and cherish that little detail. After all, it was his handiwork.

The dark-rimmed eyes regarded Tony as he approached. Tony met his gaze, stopping in front of him, then slowly reached up with his hands to undo the cowl, to see what he had missed last night. The Bat’s hands shot up and stopped him from doing what he wanted.

Tony allowed a pout to reach his lips. “Come on, I think we’re beyond this now, Mr. Wayne.”

The other man’s expression didn’t change.

“Is this how we’re going to do this?” Tony raised an eyebrow. “I’m fucking Batman, not Bruce Wayne? Maybe you’re every bit as mad –”

He was cut off by a hand on his throat, body pressed back against the glass and that stern mouth landing on his, tracing every sore spot with his free hand as he once again claimed all rights to Tony’s mouth. After that he disappeared like a shadow in sunlight, leaving Tony leaning there, catching his breath and wondering how to get home.

- - -

It happened that the Bat had left him with his phone so he got home just fine. J.A.R.V.I.S. hadn’t been all that concerned about the strange sexual abduction and Tony decided to have a talk with him later. Or maybe he didn’t need to, seeing as his AI had reacted just as he had hoped he would: by not interfering.

The next few days Tony kept himself busy with Stark Industries related matters. Pepper was breathing down his neck about a few things he needed to put his name on and he needed to gather his thoughts. In the end, though, he had known what he was going to do in the first few hours after he left the Bat’s little playhouse and it was only a matter of putting two and two together.

It was a Friday afternoon when Tony drove up to the gates of Wayne Manor. The intercom buzzed and asked him to state his name and business. “I’m here to see Mr. Wayne,” he announced. “Either you open the gate or I hack it.”

The gate opened a moment later and he drove the car into the yard, parking in front of the main doors. He had just gotten out of the car and begun to climb the stairs when the door opened and a young, slender man stepped out, giving him a hard look when they saw each other.

Something clicked in Tony’s head. A smile stretched over his lips. “Wonder Boy,” he said teasingly, nodding his head. It wasn’t going to win him any points but Robin hadn’t liked Iron Man and he doubted he was going to like Tony in his off-time either.

An older man appeared in the doorway; Alfred Pennyworth, Tony recalled.

“I have something for Mr. Wayne,” Tony stated needlessly. A few seconds later Bruce appeared in the doorway, looking so… ordinary. To see him in real clothes, without a mask, without the armor, made him appear almost like a different person entirely; a man Tony had met in the past but hadn’t actually known all that well. Tony tossed him the keys to his car which Bruce caught with perfect reflexes. “I know it’s not the same, but… this is a newer model and I tweaked the engine just for you,” Tony informed him, walking the rest of the way up to the door.

Bruce cocked his head, looking at the car over Tony’s shoulder then moved his hazel eyes back to him. “You shouldn’t be here,” he noted then.

Tony raised an eyebrow. “Iron Man destroyed your car. That actually ended up on a few news-related sites. Now, I would be a horrible superhero if I didn’t at least try to make amends to my fellow playboy, right? We need to stick together.” He waited for a few beats and saw Bruce’s lips twitch.

Those same lips…

“Also,” Tony went on, stepping closer, “thanks for inviting me in,” he lowered his voice and smiled, then nodded at Alfred; the man had such a knowing look in his eyes that he had to be aware of what exactly was going on. “Mr. Pennyworth.”

“Mr. Stark,” Alfred moved aside to let him pass although Bruce hadn’t moved an inch. “Welcome to Wayne Manor. I hope you enjoy your stay.”

“I’m sure I will,” Tony smiled, sliding in, brushing against Bruce as he did. So different from Kevlar but Tony had come as himself, without the armor – although okay, he had an armor in the trunk of Bruce’s new car, just in case, although that wasn’t the reason for him being here; it was to finally understand this thing between him and Batman – him and Bruce Wayne.

Indeed, they had a lot in common, and while that had the potential to make everything difficult between them, it had made things quite easy so far. Batman’s little confession had just simplified it even more, stripping off an extra layer of unnecessary mysticism between them.

- - -

Bruce looked at Tony and shook his head.

“I don’t recall inviting you here.”

“Your actions have practically cemented my invitation,” Tony replied. He looked at Bruce, seeing how he stood there, so strong and yet… without his armor… a bit unsure of himself.

“Let’s take the car for a drive,” Bruce finally replied. He slid into a leather jacket that hugged every inch of his muscular frame and pulled on some leather driving gloves.

“Have a good time, Master Bruce, Mr. Stark.”

“Thank you, Alfred. We will,” Tony replied with a charming smile.

Bruce just walked out to the new car and got in. Tony got in on the other side and they made their way down the winding driveway.

“Where are we going?” Tony asked.

“Somewhere a bit more… private.”


“Yeah.” Bruce smiled slightly and drove faster. Tony just smiled and sat back.

They drove to a little inn, about an hour outside of Gotham. There was a small restaurant that had the best French food Bruce had sampled outside of France.

They ordered a big meal and dove right in when it arrived, Tony sampling the wine that he’d ordered and making a slight face.

“Not to your liking?”

“Not sweet enough.”

“Sweet wine is later.”

“I like my wine sweet.”

“Then get some,” Bruce replied, smiling.

Tony ordered his own wine and Bruce took a taste. It was sweet, too sweet for him. “I guess I’m sweet enough.”

“Oh yeah. You’re really sweet,” Tony rolled his eyes and Bruce tapped his hand with his fork.

“You don’t think I’m sweet?”

“Many adjectives come to mind when I think of you. Sweet isn’t one of them.”

“Might have to punish you for that insolence,” Bruce said mildly, but there was a hint of steel in his tone and Tony froze for a brief moment.

Bruce traced Tony’s finger with his then took a bite of his food. It was a good meal and he was hoping he could use the energy from it for afterwards.

“Your cabin is ready for you, Mr. Wayne,” the man who owned the inn said. There were private cabins behind the inn, very secluded and quiet.

“Thank you.”

He didn’t even look at Tony, just perused the dessert menu. “Shall we get some dessert for here? Or have it sent to the cabin?”

“I’m… pretty full right now,” Tony replied slowly.

Bruce smiled, and looked him in the eyes. His smile was almost feral. “I can guarantee you’ll be much fuller by the end of the night…” he all but growled.

It was about as subtle as grabbing Tony Stark by the balls and squeezing, right there in the restaurant, but Bruce did nothing like that. He simply raised his hand, then formed a fist rather deliberately, smiling.

His fists were large, and he knew exactly what Tony Stark was thinking. Because it was what he was thinking. How, this time, he would shove his hand inside the man, then clench his fist and work it in and out… and watch how Stark came all over himself.

It would be… a night to remember.

- - -

Bruce Wayne wasn’t a very subtle man and Tony saw much of himself in him. Perhaps that was why every little remark was clear as day to him.

As they wrapped up dinner and got up to go see that cabin he had heard mentioned, Tony wondered why they hadn’t stayed at Wayne Manor. Surely Bruce had more privacy in his own home than here? Perhaps the problem was that he didn’t want Tony to be there, although that would be ridiculous since it had been Bruce’s choice to unmask himself. Tony fully expected a full tour of the Wayne grounds soon after this, and he couldn’t wait to see the Bat’s digs.

The cabin they entered was nice and Tony gave it a brief once-over. He heard the door close firmly – too firmly for it not to be another subtle hint – then turned to look at Bruce. The man looked good, even with that expression that had Batman written all over it now that Tony stopped to analyze it.

It just looked out of place without the cowl.

“What?” Bruce asked after a while.

“It’s weird,” Tony said, stepping over to him, tugging him in for a kiss.

It was Bruce who pushed him back, a hand on Tony’s jaw. “Weird?”

“Don’t tell me it isn’t,” Tony met his eyes. “No cowl. No smell of Kevlar. Don’t you feel naked without it?”

“Would you prefer me that way?”

A smile played on Tony’s lips. “Can’t say before I’ve sampled the… new goods.” He attempted to get another kiss in but the hand was still on his jaw and okay, Bruce was pretty strong even without the armor. Sometimes Tony forgot that not everyone had their abilities enhanced by a suit of advanced technology.

Bruce narrowed his eyes slightly, as if to read a meaning within a meaning.

Tony rolled his eyes. “It’s not rocket science; I’ve gotten used to being bossed around by the Bat, so excuse me for not falling right into that mindset when he’s not present. Sort of.”

The narrowed eyes didn’t lose their intensity. “You’re pushing it.”

“Good,” Tony agreed.

“You might not enjoy where that leads.”

“I respectfully disagree,” Tony quipped back. “After all, you’ve been very considerate about my enjoyment.”

A cool smile played on Bruce’s lips. “You mean, the Bat has.”

“Don’t tell me Pointy Ears is the fuzzy one. Also, you’re bruising my jaw, so unless you want me to go back to the car and put on the suit so that I can punch you –”

Bruce pulled him into a kiss so fast Tony almost bit his own tongue. Tony’s gasp of surprise was turned against him and Bruce’s tongue invaded his mouth, teeth clashing as Tony attempted to catch up. It was either that or focusing on what else was going on, which was his body being pushed backwards, hitting something solid a moment later. He tried to memorize the layout then opened his eyes to glance upwards.

They had just moved over to the stairs leading to the second floor and Tony’s back was currently digging into the high banister that reached all the way to the ceiling from the top of each step, creating a sort of a wall between the stairs and the rest of the room.

Bruce’s hands left him momentarily and Tony heard the unmistakable snap of a belt being harshly tugged out of the loops. He had to laugh, unable to help it, and that broke the rough kiss that left the inside of his mouth feeling just as bruised as his chin was probably going to be.

“Are you going to bend me over and spank me with your belt?” Tony asked with mirth twinkling in his eyes. “That is very original.”

“Sometimes the classics work. You should know,” Bruce replied. “Turn around.”

“Uh-huh. I think not,” Tony leaned back steadily against the banister. It wasn’t that he didn’t want this – it had nothing to do with that. Nor was it about defying the other man just because he wasn’t dressed the same as during their previous encounters. Truth be told, Tony wasn’t certain what sparked the resistance. Maybe he just wanted to be taken down a notch because he had no doubts this man could do it. Tony wouldn’t have a chance to go back to the car for his suit and that was the beauty of it; there was no way out but he could pretend like that wasn’t the truth.

A growl met his ears, the tone almost perfect, striking a chord in places he didn’t even know could feel vibration. Tony closed his eyes without thinking to savor the moment – which of course was a big mistake. In a heartbeat he had been grabbed, yanked around and pushed chest first against the banister. He struggled, trying to slide to the side while keeping the weight away from his chest. His attempt to protect the arc reactor from the pressure left him open, of course, and Bruce exploited the weakness; he lifted one knee up, and being the taller of the two he wedged it easily between Tony’s feet and pushed it painfully up against his crotch.

While Tony was trying to find his balance and not crush his balls, Bruce used the distraction to yank one of his wrists up and tie it around a slender pillar of wood that formed a part of the banister. The knee lowered slightly, leaving Tony to tug on his hand to wriggle it free.

Bruce’s hands flew lower efficiently, attacking Tony’s own belt, undoing and releasing it from the loops in a few steady pulls. Tony expected his free hand to soon join the first and tried to move it away, rolling to the side. A hand grabbed the edge of his jeans, though, stopping him, dragging him back to position. Bruce pressed against his back, breaths heavy and warm even on the skin of Tony’s heated neck. His teeth dug into the flesh, vicious and most definitely leaving an array of marks. If Tony grunted, he certainly didn’t mean to do it.

Once again he found the other man exploiting his distraction, jerking down his jeans and underwear, hard, leaving his ass and the backs of his thighs exposed. No sooner was that accomplished than Tony felt his own belt smacking into his skin, making him jump and throw his free hand back to defend the stinging area.

He shouldn’t have been surprised that this was exactly what Bruce had been waiting for. Tony really needed to work on not being manipulated so easily. His wrist was grabbed and twisted back, making him bend forward from the pressure. The other hand still tied to the banister, he was utterly defenseless and the next strike from the belt reminded him how exactly that was going to end.

Tony hissed and tried to move away, only to be gifted with another smack that went a little sideways by the feel of it. Bruce played with the belt for a moment, doubling it, then delivered the next few strikes at the back of Tony’s thighs. “Fuck!” Tony snapped. “Okay, I’m sorry for… whatever. Can I lick your shoes in apology?”

That got him another hard smack across the ass then he heard the belt drop to the floor. “Not my kink, Stark,” Bruce noted and brought his hand to his heated, painful skin, tracing, squeezing and scratching slightly, making it better and worse at the same time. “Now be a good boy and stay put.”

With that he disappeared from Tony’s view – and of course Tony didn’t stay put; as soon as the other man exited the room Tony was yanking his captured wrist free, swearing and muttering while he tugged the belt open from around his wrist. Once free he looked around, moving to pick up his pants but that only reminded him of how painful his ass would be rubbing against the fabric. It wasn’t as if his plan was to leave. He was simply testing limits and a few spankings weren’t going to have him obeying orders from –

“I told you to stay put,” Bruce’s voice drifted over.

“I don’t listen very well,” Tony replied, glancing at him, taking a step backwards while trying not to trip on his pants.

Bruce didn’t need to move fast to catch up with him; he calmly walked over, eyes pinning Tony down, testing just as Tony was testing him, then finally he stopped in front of him, almost chest to chest. “Take off your clothes,” he commanded.

Tony hesitated. That was the goal, sure, and he would be more than happy to, but he wasn’t sure if he wanted to do it just because he was being told to do it. “If I do, what’s in it for me?”

Bruce raised an eyebrow. Part of Tony waited for him to do the hand-to-fist gesture again but he didn’t. “We don’t have to do this. Any of this,” the other man finally went on.

Okay, that was unfair. Tony let him know that with his burning gaze as he kicked off his pants and started to undo his shirt. Once that was done he tried to toe off his shoes and socks but had to bend down to get them off. He had known he wasn’t going to get up from that, and that’s why Bruce’s hand on his shoulder wasn’t a shock. Nor was the other hand that moved to undo Bruce’s finely pressed pants and pull out his semi-hard cock. While he held it there, as if on display and not offering, the other hand moved from his shoulder to the back of Tony’s head, guiding him in.

Tony obliged because this had never been about skipping sex. It was a power-play that he had already lost during their first encounter but who could blame him for testing Bruce’s limits every now and then? To see how far he was ready to go…

His mouth found the tip of the cock, brushing it with his lips then he ducked lower, past Bruce’s hand to his balls, nipping on them softly. Above his face, Bruce began to stroke himself and didn’t correct Tony just yet. Tony tongued him for a bit then sought to go a bit further back but the pants obstructed his reach and he huffed, moving his hands up to deal with the offending material. Bruce’s grip tugged on his hair, hard, pulling him back then pressed the head of his dick to Tony’s lips and once he was granted entrance, pushed it deeper and deeper until Tony had him to the hilt and his brain attempted to bypass the last of the gag reflex he had left.

Tony moved his eyes up, finding Bruce’s eyes riveted on him, his mouth still a hard line, pleasure not too apparent. Tony swallowed, just to see a flicker of something, then had to try and move back because he needed to breathe and swallow properly, to get that itch off the back of his throat…

Bruce didn’t let him at first which made Tony sink his blunt nails in his calf. That was a sign and Bruce guided him all the way off his cock, tugging his head back as Tony inhaled a few times and swallowed testily, trying not to cough.

“Bitch,” Tony muttered after a bit.

“I was under the impression you gave great head,” Bruce mocked.

“You haven’t figured that out by now?”

“I find your performance lacking a bit right now.”

“Why don’t you go find yourself a nice blow-up doll if you want to go straight to throat fucking?” Tony snapped back.

Bruce smiled. “I’m finding I like you much better gagged.”

Which led Tony to wonder what exactly this cabin was usually used for, and what its features included. He hadn’t seen a welcome brochure anywhere.

With an annoyed twitch of his lips Tony looked up at Bruce then at his cock. “Give me that,” he ordered.

Bruce chuckled and pulled Tony closer by his hair, sinking his flesh deep in Tony’s willing mouth again. It was easier now, Tony’s concentration tight and only faltering when he felt the other hand join the first then slide to the side, framing half of his face as if in some fucked up embrace. The hips flexed, slowly, giving Tony time to get used to it, to decline the natural instincts about gagging and blocked airways. The hand on his cheek caressed his face while the other remained hard in his hair, controlling him, making a statement.

Tony liked making statements, too, and felt his own body responding, his cock jerking and apprehension rising in his chest. After all, things had been promised and although Tony wasn’t certain he was totally up for being fisted again so soon, he knew he wouldn’t have it in him to turn it down should it come to that.

Bruce knew this, too.

- - -

Bruce knew that Tony wanted to be taken down. Not by Batman this time; he was pushing, wanting to see if Bruce Wayne had it in him to put him down.

What he didn’t realize was that Bruce Wayne was the one who liked this. Batman…he could go either way, but it was Bruce who loved the smell of blood and sweat, who liked to hear his lover wail as he was pushed past the point of no return, who loved to feel the body come apart under his hands.

And he was going to do that to Stark.

He picked Stark up from where he was sucking him and walked to the four poster bed. He tied his wrists and ankles to the corners and then took special care to make sure he couldn’t get loose.

He stroked his hair, smiling.

Tony looked so very sexy like that. Just lying there, waiting for him. Accepting whatever was going to come his way.

He pulled out a bag from the closet. Inside were toys he’d left here before. This was his cabin. His hideaway when he wanted to be away from Gotham. He attached some chains to hooks high on the walls and let them dangle. He would use those later. He also took out some heavy floggers and laid them out against the wall, but he continued to dig.

He found the serum, which he put on the table, then he found a gag with a large dildo attached. He put that over Tony’s mouth and slid the dildo in. “Give that tongue something to do to take your mind off of what I’m going to do to you.”

He pulled out some very long PVC gloves, ribbed and textured.

Tony’s eyes were glued to those gloves.

Bruce found some industrial lubricant and put the gloves and lube on the bed between Tony’s legs. Stark’s ass was already spasming, just imagining what was going to happen. Bruce’s cock was hard and he lubed himself rather sloppily. He slid up between Tony’s legs.

“I guess I’d better take you now, before you’re too loose to get me off properly.” He commented. He thrust inside in one smooth movement, making Tony choke for a moment. He glared up at him but as Bruce began to fuck him slow and deep, his eyes closed and he began to groan.

Bruce slid his hand over Tony’s weeping cock and began to jerk him in time to his thrusts. In… out… in… out… Tony’s head began to move from side to side, his thighs tensing. Bruce knew it felt good and he wanted Tony to enjoy this. He kept slow-fucking him until they were both ready to shoot then he slid his hands under the other man and lifted him slightly. He began to thrust hard and fast and Tony whimpered as his cock sprayed his own stomach. Bruce just kept thrusting throughout his orgasm, dragging it out, then he shoved deep and came inside him.

He panted for a moment, then slowly pulled out.

“Now that the romance is out of the way….” he commented lightly.

He took some serum and added it to Tony’s cock and his own. Tony began to shudder almost immediately and Bruce growled as the chemicals made his cock grow and ache.

Then he took some wooden clothespins and began attaching them to Tony’s nipples, creating a trail all the way down his chest and stomach. He attached them all to a string and then smiled. Tony had begun to suck on the gag rather noticeably.

Bruce slid the gloves on, using the ribbed fingers to tease the red opening of Tony’s ass and push some lubricant inside. Tony whimpered, as though he could tell what was coming. In a way he could…but he had never actually been fisted like this, Bruce was pretty sure.

He began the way he had last time, working in his fingers, and then slowly adding his thumb. There was a lot of lube and the thumb slid in easier, and when Bruce’s hand slid inside him, Tony seemed surprised that it had happened so fast. Bruce smiled and turned on the TV fixed to the wall. There was a perfect shot of the bed and his arm, disappearing into Tony’s ass. Tony looked, looked again, and his cock dribbled some cum. He seemed stunned.

“Now the fun begins,” Bruce promised.

Inside Tony’s body, he began to gather his fingers into a fist. Tony whimpered and began to shake as he felt his walls tighten around Bruce’s large hand. Then Bruce began to move it back and forth inside him, pulling it almost out and slowly pushing it back inside.

Tony’s eyes were wide and then they closed as though he could ignore what was happening.

“Going to stretch out that tight hole and ruin it for anything but what I want in there.” Bruce growled, almost like the Bat’s voice. He slid his fist back and forth and as it got easier, he pulled it farther out until it rested on the rim then suddenly popped out. Tony let out a sigh but Bruce just shoved it back in, making Tony wail.

After that, he pulled out his fist every time, punching it back into the hole that couldn’t close in time. All you could hear was the sound of him violating Tony’s ass, the sucking pop of his fist and Tony’s whimpers and cries through the gag. The TV showed every punch and how the hole grew wider and looser with every punch.

Tony’s cock had sprayed itself dry, but the pool on his stomach showed that he had orgasmed at least twice during his fisting. When Bruce finally pulled his fist out, Tony’s hole was slack. Tony looked at it, his eyes terrified.

Bruce undid him then pulled him to his feet. He took him to the wall and chained him there by his wrists and ankles.

Then he picked up a flogger and began to whip his ass, making Tony clench the ass that had to be pretty sore by now. Then he turned him to face him, chaining him again, and whipped his front, yanking the clothespins off with one pull then whipping the pinched flesh.

Tony screamed and Bruce smiled. It was like music….

He flicked Tony’s nipples with his little floggers and Tony jerked with pain. His cock was still rock hard though. Bruce whipped Tony’s cock, making it dance and Tony shuddered.

“That ass ready for more yet?” Bruce asked him.

Tony shook his head, his eyes incredulous. What more could be done to him?

Bruce brought out a small machine from the closet. On top he attached a large thick dildo. “I’d use a smaller one, but I want you to feel it and I doubt that ass can feel anything that isn’t massive right now.”

He lubed it and set it up to penetrate Tony’s swollen ass that was still trying to close. Then he turned it on and watched as it began sliding up and down, fucking Tony relentlessly.

Bruce knelt in front of the man and slid his mouth over Tony’s cock, licking it almost delicately and then sucking him. He knew it was unlikely Tony could actually have any semen left, but he could still orgasm and Bruce wanted to make him do that over and over until the man was a spent mess.

Because nothing was sexier than Tony Stark when he was sated, Bruce had already come to that conclusion.

- - -

In the middle of it all the only time when Tony wanted to safeword out of it was during the clothespins, which was ridiculous even for him. Maybe there were some trust issues between them, or it was getting a bit intense, and the man working his way down his chest attaching those insignificant little pinchers… Tony knew it was caused by the carved-in instinct to protect the arc reactor but Bruce stayed away from it and the scarred mass around it, leaving Tony to breathe through it the best he could with the dildo gag still stuffing his mouth and some of his throat.

Come to think of it, they didn’t have a safeword, and Tony was in no real position to negotiate with the other man to relent.

That wasn’t going to scare him. It wasn’t going to make him want to stop. Tony knew it was his pride talking, that he could take it – and maybe a small voice chanting that he could trust this man, which of course was just as absurd as the fact that they were doing this in the first place.

Which wasn’t absurd at all, seeing as Bruce worked his hand inside him in record time, making Tony wonder if that serum of his actually relaxed some parts of him while making the others painfully hard.

The TV on the wall was a nice touch. Not unlike things Tony had done in the past, yet not so much recently. There was only so much he could stomach after Afghanistan, although he would not admit it. Sure, he’d had sex and if it was in one of his houses, J.A.R.V.I.S. would record it. Yet Tony had issues with his body these days, not that he would admit to any of them, and it was more therapy than actual sexual enjoyment if he reviewed the tapes later.

He had a lot of other things to focus on right now, though. Most of the time he couldn’t feel his ass, numbness taking over, then soreness, then a slight graze of knuckles over his prostate kicking things up a notch.

Tony wondered if he could get bruises inside his rectum. The thought was almost amusing enough to make him laugh, but instead he felt like crying because he had no control over his body and the approaching orgasm seemed to only wind up for another more painful one.

When it was over… it wasn’t over at all. Bruce may have withdrawn his hand but he wasn’t done, forcing Tony up and over to the wall.

Tony’s ass was trying to close and that was painful. Not as painful as the moment the clothespins came off and the flogger was relentless although not as heavy-handed as it could have been; maybe he was being shown mercy. Well, some parts of him, because no sooner was that over that Bruce dug out a simple fucking machine and Tony thought he might actually cry at this point, feeling his ass being invaded again. The smooth rocking motion was nothing compared to a hand inside him, the familiar movement wringing out pleasure from him instead of texture or shape. And then Bruce knelt down and took his cock and Tony sobbed…

Everything was going to overload and he wasn’t certain he could stay upright. His entire body shook and breathing was becoming a lot more difficult.

Bruce took pity on him, getting up, undoing the gag and finally removing it. “Breathe, Tony,” he murmured. That didn’t go well at all. Tony’s entire body tensed, his jaw tight, eyes getting round and staring at nothing and Bruce must have noticed because he was right there, touching him, soothing him. “It’s okay. Was it something I said? You’re safe, Tony, it’s okay.”

Tony came out of it eventually, brain engaging once more and he was still standing there, still okay, breathing easier and Bruce was big and strong next to him, not hurting him, not trying to steal the arc reactor. Tony blinked and met Bruce’s eyes. The other man nodded then leaned forward and they kissed although Tony was feeling a bit too numb and slack at the same time. Then Bruce slid down again, taking his cock back into his mouth and Tony knew he was right on the edge of tears, body still shaking from exhaustion although that damn serum made sure his pleasure was still peaked and his cock hard.

Bruce gripped his hips then slid down one leg, releasing its chains and hoisting it up over his shoulder, taking some of Tony’s weight, effectively spreading him further open. It also allowed the fucking machine a slightly different angle which made him jerk and shake and Tony wasn’t certain if it was possible that he was coming again but he hung in there for what seemed like minutes, the pleasure coiling inside him and his muscles spasming, eyes burning and mouth open since he just couldn’t draw in enough air.

The other man kept touching his cock through it all, sucking and kissing and nipping, the machine still relentlessly fucking into him although someone – Bruce – had slowed it down to deep, long thrusts that were almost worse.

Tony leaned his head back against the wall, staring up, tears hanging onto his lashes. He was losing touch with his body and Bruce noticed because he switched off the machine soon after, sliding out the dildo then started to undo him and eventually deposited Tony on the bed. That smile was on his face again as he petted Tony’s hair, as if he had done well and Tony tried not to smile back, unsure if his face muscles would even cooperate, then he noticed Bruce was still hard. Well, so was Tony although that had been going unnoticed for a while now, his body too wound up to actually tell his brain that.

Bruce’s hand – the one not stroking Tony’s hair – moved down and palmed himself, lazily pulling on his cock. Tony knew his eyes followed while the rest of his body floated what seemed like miles away. Whether that went on for a minute or an hour, he couldn’t tell, but eventually Bruce moved down, his fingers leaving his hair and wringing out a pitiful little moan from Tony’s throat.

With a smile that was almost comforting, Bruce touched Tony’s legs then pulled them up and apart, settling them down on either side of him. Tony saw it but his limbs didn’t seem attached to his body, not really – yet he keenly felt when Bruce pushed inside him, his abused hole feebly clenching around the new intrusion. Tony closed his eyes, feeling tears again, wetness sliding down his cheeks. A hand touched one trail and he looked up, finding Bruce leaning over him, moving into him slowly, almost lovingly. It wasn’t something he was used to; urgent and passionate was Tony’s usual forte.

“It hurts, doesn’t it? You’re so sore, so sensitive…” Bruce crooned, tracing his face then moving closer if possible. “But you’re going to let me do this. You would let me sleep inside you tonight, wouldn’t you, Tony?”

Tony couldn’t nod, couldn’t move, couldn’t make a sound. It was as if his brain had decided that all other activities besides feeling the other man inside him and listening to him had ceased.

Bruce leaned in to kiss him, hands tugging him closer, and after all the pain, discomfort and submission, it was almost like making love, even compared to their first round, which Tony could barely remember. He felt the strong body between his legs shudder, just slightly, Bruce’s hips bucking a few times, his breath catching against Tony’s lips. His pace stuttered for a moment then resumed again, slow and deep. Tony knew he had just come and was chasing down another, the drug keeping him on the edge, maintaining his erection.

Forcing his hand to move, Tony brought one arm up, sliding it over Bruce’s shoulders, keeping it there as he pressed his tear-streaked face against the crook of his neck, closing his eyes. He could just focus on this, the feelings, the movements, the pain turning into something warm and steady like his heartbeat. If they never talked about this moment he would be fine with it. Yet he doubted he would ever forget how connected he felt in this fucked-up moment of intimacy, with a man he barely knew and who might cut him loose come morning.

- - -

Bruce’s body was almost there. He rocked inside Tony’s body, the man’s face pressed into his neck and was surprised by how good that felt to him. How comforting it was to have another so close and so in touch with him. He felt Tony wholly. Felt his pain, and his pleasure and his undone emotions… and it all felt like it was a part of him.

For one of the first times in his life, he didn’t feel alone.

He liked that. His hands slid up to cradle Tony’s head while he continued to rock his body, sliding in and out slowly, feeling how Tony’s ass was trying to close but couldn’t quite manage it yet.

Then Tony’s mouth found his and they kissed, tender and warm, and Tony’s throat let out a soft whimper as Bruce pushed a bit deeper inside him.

That’s all it took. His body shuddered and his orgasm washed through his body and he bit back a moan. When he was done, he turned Tony over, laying him on his side, his hand stroking the man’s flank, and his stomach, then he lifted Tony’s leg and pushed inside him.

Tony shivered but Bruce just slid his arms around him, holding him to his chest, his chin resting on Tony’s shoulder, kissing his face softly while he held him.

“Sleep… you’ve earned it.” Bruce whispered. “I’m here, nothing’s going to happen to you.”

Then they fell asleep, wrapped up in each other, tangled in body and mind.

- - -

When Bruce woke up, he wasn’t surprised that Tony still slept. His cock had slid half out, but as it stiffened it burrowed deeper into Tony’s body, as though seeking its new home.

Tony moaned in his sleep but didn’t wake.

Bruce couldn’t resist, he pushed his cock all the way in and all it took was five or six thrusts before he was shuddering and spurting inside of Tony again. He didn’t have a lot left but the serum still had him going a bit.

He slid out of him and proceeded to inspect his ass, making sure it wasn’t too messed up. It was still red, and oozing fluids, but it had shrunk back to a more normal size, and Bruce got a warm wash cloth and washed his ass and legs. Then he sponged off the rest of Tony’s body and tucked him back in.

He went for a run, then a swim, then ordered breakfast for two and had it delivered to the cabin. He took the cart and signed for it, then closed and locked the door. He went into the bedroom to find Tony slowly stirring.

“Breakfast in bed,” Bruce told him.

Tony raised an eyebrow. “To what do I owe the pleasure?” He tried to push himself up into a sitting position, wincing as he did so.

“You earned it.” Bruce’s voice was almost a growl and he saw Tony flush.

He set up the tray and put it in front of the man, pouring juice and water. The breakfast was mostly fruits and proteins with a bit of carbs. Bruce wanted to replenish all the nutrients Tony had used up. A session like that was hard on a body, especially if you were older, as they were.

They ate in relative silence, then Bruce turned and cupped Tony’s cheek in his hand. Tony looked at him in surprise and Bruce delicately licked the corners of Tony’s mouth, then kissed him gently.

“Thank you. I very much enjoyed last night. I very much enjoy you,” Bruce told him quietly.

Whether he continued to enjoy the company of the other man was up to him, but Bruce hoped so. He was beginning to realize that Tony was a very good match for him, and he didn’t want to lose him.

Or whatever it was that they had between them.

- - -

Waking up had the potential to be two things; pleasant, or highly unpleasant. Tony had learned that much in his life.

When stirring in bed at the cabin after a night of having his ass stretched wide enough to accommodate his partner’s fist, he didn’t expect it to be of the pleasant variety. When he first moved he regretted it instantly. He felt fucked, recently so, and although he calculated it had all happened last night he knew it would take a while to recuperate.

Breakfast in bed was a nice start down that road.

Tony had never been good with morning afters. He was much more likely to hide in his workshop and let someone else kick last night’s entertainment out the door. The two of them hadn’t really slept together before, more than that one night when Batman revealed his identity to him, and that had been special in a way. Besides, Bruce had taken off almost immediately after waking up so it had been easier to deal with.

Now, though?

There was food and soft touches and kisses; praises which made Tony flush like a virgin – which he hadn’t been for years. It threw him off his game but at least Bruce looked like he was in strange waters as well.

When most of the food was gone, Bruce put the tray to the side and sat on the bed. Tony, who had decided he was still too sore to get up and shower, reclined and then poked the other man with his foot, trying to drag him closer. Bruce got the hint and approached him, at which point Tony pulled him down and just sort of enjoyed the clothed body against his naked one.

He sniffed. “When did you go swimming? And take a shower?” he asked Bruce.

“Earlier. You were still asleep.”

Tony frowned. He wasn’t that much of a heavy sleeper, especially in a space not governed by his AI. “Nice,” he replied although it wasn’t an honest sentiment. He recalled Bruce promising to keep him safe and while Tony was fine at doing it by himself and he wasn’t going to admit anything different, the man leaving him alone while he went outside was kind of…

Bruce touched his face and made eye-contact. “You were safe the entire time,” he assured.

“That’s not what –”

“That’s exactly what you were thinking,” Bruce cut him off.

Tony pursed his lips then tried to push him off. Bruce didn’t even budge, which was annoying. “You don’t get it nor do you need to. It’s not your problem and I should know better than sleep in strange places where people are moving around.”

Bruce raised an eyebrow. “I didn’t leave the door open.”

“That’s not the point.”

“That’s exactly the point.”

“No, the point is that… that you fuck my brains out and then you just leave me here, on my own, like a comatose person, which I’m usually not, and which also leads me to question what you’ve put into that serum you keep dropping on me because I’m starting to wonder –”

Bruce kissed him, probably to shut him up, then withdrew after a moment. “You know all these problems stem from the fact that you revealed your secret identity,” the man pointed out.

“Are we really going back to that discussion?” Tony raised an eyebrow.

“We can, if you insist,” Bruce cocked his head. “Or you could just admit you’re afraid of someone walking in while I’m not here and taking this,” he finished by gently tapping the arc reactor. “Is that the part I’m not supposed to get?”

Tony considered that for a bit. “You still left, knowing how I would feel about it,” he insisted.

Bruce rolled his eyes. “You were asleep. You’re just complaining about it now because you can. Are you always like this?”

“Only when dating superheroes,” Tony tried to knee him in the side but he didn’t have enough room for that with Bruce half lying on top of him. “You’re supposed to know my weaknesses and protect them. Have my back.” Tony wanted to make it into a joke, to suggest that he didn’t mean it and that they weren’t even dating, but the idea of being left out here, vulnerable to the world, hadn’t been his strong suit for a long time. Sure, occasional nights here and there with his suit within his reach were okay, and even now the nearest suit was in the car, but that wasn’t close enough.

“Are you calm now?” Bruce smiled teasingly.

“As a cucumber,” Tony murmured, looking up at him instead of some uninteresting part of the wall. “I should shower.”

“You should,” the other man agreed.

“I don’t want to get up, though. My body hurts and it’s all your fault. We’re not doing this again anytime soon, just so you know.”

“Getting old?”

Tony heaved a long sigh. He never liked admitting he was older now than he had been twenty years ago, but yeah, he was. He could turn this around to something else, though. “Sex drugs and… this,” he added, making a fisting gesture with his hand, “are not meant for daily enjoyment. Not even weekly. I need a break, or I’ll… crack. You wouldn’t enjoy that nearly as much.”

Bruce smiled again. “Does that mean I’m allowed to continue enjoying you – just not as… thoroughly all the time?”

Tony analyzed that to the best of his ability. “I suppose. I don’t have anything else lined up and as long as you capture my interest, we’re going to have a good time.” He thought that enabled him to avoid the deeper end of the subject fairly well.

“As long as I capture your interest?” the other man challenged. “Oh please. You’re lucky to have me.”

“Yeah, my ass is feeling very lucky right now.”

“It should. I’m a devoted man when I set out to do something.”

Tony actually had to laugh at that point, which turned into some kind of hysterical giggling because he was still tired and ramped up and in a need of some serious rest. By the end of it they were kind of snuggled together and it was more comfortable than it had the right to be. Tony guessed he was lucky, in a sense. What could have been a huge disaster from day one had actually turned into something he couldn’t have anticipated; something he hadn’t known he actually wanted – and was now planning on holding onto should the possibility arise.

And it was arising alright, in the form of Bruce Wayne resting against him, running his fingers through Tony’s hair as if it were the most natural thing to do.

“I think,” Tony started slowly in a low voice, “we shouldn’t put pressure on it, but… we should hold onto this, because it’s kind of nice.”

“It is.”

Tony made an agreeable sound and closed his eyes, fully intending to nap some more – and part of him knew Bruce wasn’t going to leave him alone this time.

- - -

Bruce touched Tony’s cheek and kissed it lightly.

“I think we have something pretty good started. Let’s see where it goes,” he said softly.

In truth, Bruce kind of liked watching over Tony, he always had, from the beginning. The man really was his own worst enemy, and Bruce loved how it felt when he and Tony were together. Like they were… equals.

Both equally strong, and equally emotionally stunted.

He went to nuzzle Tony’s neck a bit and his ear piece let out a buzzing sound.

“You’re buzzing,” Tony told him.

“I know.” Bruce rose and went to the wall and hit a hidden button on one of the pictures hanging there. It slid up and a screen lit up. Outside was a bunch of men, trying to sneak around the cabin. They didn’t look friendly.

“You have the place wired?”

“Of course. It’s my cabin. You think I’d just leave you here without knowing if you’d be okay?” Bruce asked absently, counting men, watching as some tripped his booby traps and noting where they were concentrating their assault.

The cabin was now locked down, the windows were impermeable, the doors were steel under the wood and reinforced, but Bruce wanted to capture the men so he could question them.

“My damn suit is in the car, I can call it in here but it will wreck the trunk,” Tony told him, looking over his shoulder at the display.

“That’s fine, I would prefer you didn’t have your suit wrecking my cabin trying to get in. You can put it on outside. We’re going to go out and teach these assholes a lesson about disturbing our romantic weekend getaway. Besides, you’d have to pay for fixing my new car if you wrecked it again. I’ll pop the trunk when we go out,” Bruce replied. He rose and hit a button, and a spare set of armor slid up from the floor. He got dressed and went to put on his cowl. He turned to Tony. “Kiss?”

Tony grinned and gave him a kiss and Batman went to the door, hitting the button to unlock just that door. “Let’s teach these guys some manners.”

He went out and Tony followed. The men were at least smart enough to not attempt a frontal assault, so there was no one there. The door locked after them and the trunk of the car popped open. Within seconds, the Iron Man suit was on and Tony was up in the air, flying around the house to find the men.

Batman moved quickly around the building and found two trying to enter through the cellar door on the side. They weren’t getting anywhere, but he was still annoyed. He grabbed them and smashed their heads together, knocking them out. He tied them up and went looking for more.

He came around the corner and found three more that Tony had taken care of, then heard a scuffle in the trees to the side of cabin. He went and found another couple of men lying in a heap, and Iron Man facing an idiot with some sort of weapon.

“EMP burst. A little unstable, but it will knock your electronics out and overload your suit, Stark.”

“Higgs, you never came up with that weapon on your own,” Tony said firmly. “Who had it engineered?”

“Your pal, Hammer. After all, he still hates you; he’s just too much of a chickenshit to go up against you head-on. But he had it made and didn’t ask any questions… ” The man laughed. “And now I’m going to render you helpless, steal your suit, and rip out that little chest decoration and maybe kick you in the balls just for good measure.”

Batman came up behind him and hit him across the back of the head, snatching the gun while he did. The man was dazed and rolled over just in time for Batman to slam his fist into the man’s face and knock him out. He tied him up and looked beside him where Iron Man was now standing.

“You okay?”


The police arrived a few moments later, and Batman made an excuse about hearing that a bunch of guys were after Bruce Wayne and he’d come to check it out. Tony had his helmet off and was saying to another officer: “Bruce went for a hike and these guys rushed the place. He’s trying to get me to buy land out here; I don’t know if this is the welcome I was thinking of. Wait ‘til he gets back and I tell him about this!” he joked.

After the police left, Batman long gone, Tony returned to the cabin. Bruce was sitting there, watching TV.

“That was… ”

“That was our lives.” Bruce smiled and shrugged.

“You really were… watching out for me.”

Bruce took his hand and pulled him down on to the couch. “Look, I know I may fool other people with my vacuous billionaire playboy act but I thought you were a bit faster on the uptake. I’m not stupid, Tony. I know that you have some residual emotional baggage. How could you not? I’m not going to ever leave you unattended or unsafe. If something happened to you on my watch… ” he broke off, aware of how his voice had become louder and more intense. He took a couple deep breaths, then touched Tony’s cheek. “Not on my watch.”

Tony just sat back, watching him steadily, a small smile on his lips.

Bruce looked at him sideways, then raised his eyebrows. “So, what do you have in mind for tonight? I thought maybe we’d just stay in.”

- - -

Tony considered it. All of it.

Yeah, contrary to popular belief Tony Stark did sometimes pay attention to things and think them through.

He didn’t usually play well with others, especially fellow vigilantes. Becoming an Avenger hadn’t really changed that yet. With Bruce, however – with Batman – it was different. They were so alike in so many ways, both fucked up, both pretending to be part of the world when they really weren’t. After all, Tony had done his homework and had scrounged together quite a few details of the other man’s life: the death of his parents, his struggle to manage that over the years, suspicious activities and disappearances that screamed Bat-related incidents.

Bruce might not be very public about it but Tony was nothing if not relentless in his research.

Even with all his faults and quirks, Tony tolerated this guy even when Bruce was looking out for him; for the first time in his life Tony was beginning to welcome it instead of pushing it away. All his adult life he had allowed people to watch his back only where he couldn’t see them – which was usually too far away to prevent his next downfall.

He and Bruce were chopped of similar wood and even if their methods and solutions didn’t always match, their unmasked personalities clashed in a way that complemented both of them.

It was nice to notice he wasn’t the only one thinking that.

With Higgs going behind bars and Tony having a real reason to watch Hammer and be ready when he fucked up next, he was left with almost too much time ponder the various possibilities of their little affair – which had turned into something else entirely.

“Have you noticed we’ve actually spent more time considering this thing between us than actually, say, negotiating the rules of our rather hardcore sexual encounters?” Tony finally said.

“Is that how you want to use our night in?” Bruce asked, amused. “Negotiating our future sex life?”

“I think we must first establish there is a future, with sex in it,” Tony smirked, rolling over so that he was in Bruce’s lap. He bent his head, just slightly, catching the other man’s mouth in a shallow, dragging kiss. “I would say it looks very promising.”

“It does,” Bruce agreed, his hands settling on Tony’s hips.

“As much as I would love this,” Tony sighed, “I must bow out. Someone made sure I would need to take a break. I’m out of practice, after all,” he hinted.

“Well, we can’t have that in our future sex life,” Bruce agreed.

Tony chuckled and rolled off him, but not far, his body still half-draped over Bruce’s. “What do normal people do on a night off?” he mused.

“Watch TV?”

“I don’t see how that’s productive with the garbage they’re showing these days.”

“It doesn’t have to be productive; it’s called entertainment and time off for a reason.”

“I’m beginning to see problems in our future already,” Tony complained; he wasn’t one for mindless entertainment. He was much more likely to start taking apart the TV.

“We could always go soak in the tub,” the other man suggested then.

“That, Mr. Wayne, is an excellent idea,” Tony grinned. “You bring the glasses, I’ll select the drinks.”

Tony had always found he liked people whose ideas complimented his own, and it hadn’t been a question for a while now whether he liked Bruce or not. Whether he wore the cowl or not. Plus he knew the other man felt the same way so it was all good and benefited all sides, which also appealed to him.

There was no reason to call things to a halt anytime soon.

The End

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