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Butterflies and Loose Wings (page 2)

page 1

- - -

The flight had been quick and intense; when Iron Man’s boots hit the landing pad, Tony was still holding Steve’s body to his armored one, to signal to his leader he wasn’t going to drop him.

J.A.R.V.I.S.’s voice filled his ears an instant later: “The Hulk has safely reached the premises, sir. Dr. Banner is currently getting his bearings in the Zen garden.” Tony was happy to hear that, seeing as hunting a rogue Hulk across the city wasn’t something he would want to do after tonight’s battle. Besides, if Bruce was in the Japanese rock garden, it meant he was already well on his way to inner calm.

Tony carefully loosened his hold on Steve’s body and waited for the other man to find his feet and balance.

“There is residual energy floating over the city,” J.A.R.V.I.S. went on in Tony’s earpiece.

“Anything dangerous?” he asked, because whether he liked it or not, Tony would have to go back out there to sort it out, regardless of how worn out he was now.

“I am unable to analyze it at this current time, sir,” his AI told him. “However, the readings are minimal at best and do not seem to pose any danger – seeing as you, Captain Rogers and Dr. Banner are all covered in it.”

Tony cringed. An educated guess was that it was an after-effect from the shattering of the magical field and the explosion that followed. “Analyze it, run the regular tests. Send copies to S.H.I.E.L.D., ‘cause Fury will ride my ass if I don’t let him into the loop.”

“Very well, sir.”

“If there’s something alarming, tell me. Otherwise, I’m going to catch some Zs.” Tony looked at Steve again, who was pulling his cowl back; his movements were somewhat shaky. Any wounds on his face had closed by now, leaving only smears of blood to remind of their existence. “You okay, Cap?” Tony asked, snapping open the faceplate.

Steve glanced at him and nodded. He looked exhausted, beaten up and ready to crash. “Yeah. Just… battered and bruised – nothing that will be there in the morning,” he added with a small, devilish grin he had started using only recently around Tony. Their first meeting had been rocky, not to mention what came after, but they were a team. “How’s the Hulk?” Steve asked.

“Landed. Bruce is in the garden.”

Steve nodded. “Go check on him,” he suggested, knowing that a post-Hulk-out Bruce was still edgy beneath all the weariness of the transformation, and took more kindly to Tony than anyone else.

“Yeah,” Tony agreed and ordered the armor to retract. He would have to fix the damage caused by the battle later, but right now he wanted to get out of it, check on his teammate, take a shower and go to bed.

Steve slowly picked a path across the room while the armor opened up and Tony stepped out. The Captain’s gait was slower and stiffer than usual, but as Steve had said, he would be fine by morning; Tony had seen it happen before.

After cleaning up a little, Tony went to the Zen garden. As expected, he found Bruce there, sitting in the sand with a disoriented look on his face. He was naked, too, which was nothing new and Tony was long past commenting on it.

“The other guy did good today,” Tony noted. “I’m fairly sure he saved Harlem, too.”

“You sure about that?” Bruce asked, looking up. “J.A.R.V.I.S. showed me images…”

They half-heartedly argued about that for a minute – about the collateral damage and that one time when Bruce and the Hulk had visited Harlem before tonight – then Tony urged Bruce to go to bed. He waited for the other man to pick himself up from the sandy floor, then gently guided Bruce to the elevator with a firm hand on his shoulder.

Once the elevator arrived, Bruce gave him a small nod and Tony let go of him. Bruce’s face was more relaxed now, although his eyes betrayed the lingering tension.

“Okay?” Tony asked before the elevator doors could close.

Bruce hesitated for a few seconds. Finally he nodded again. “Yeah. Good night, Tony.”

“Night,” Tony replied and stepped back, watching the doors slide shut and the floor indicator showing that the elevator had stopped at Bruce’s floor. Confident that the other man would be okay, Tony turned towards the stairs and decided on a small snack before he headed to his room for the long-awaited shower and rest.

If Clint, Natasha and Thor were back, they weren’t on the shared main floor. Steve, however, was in the kitchen, which made Tony halt in the doorway, watching the blond struggle to open a can of beans. His arms were shaking, from fingers to shoulders, and he was still in uniform. Clearly Steve had come here instead of going to his own floor, and Tony knew why: he was probably hungry after the fight, his serum enhanced metabolism screaming for sustenance.

“Want some help with that?” Tony asked.

Steve jumped. It was clear he had been very focused on getting the can open. “I was just about to open it with my shield,” he joked lamely.

Tony nodded and walked over, taking the somewhat mangled can from his teammate. He observed it for a bit, then finally got a knife and forcibly opened the lid. Steve watched with hungry eyes, then took the can from him once Tony tore off the lid and dug in with a spoon.

It would have been a perfect opportunity to make a dozen and one jokes, but Tony simply got himself a bottle of mineral water and then reached into the fridge for ingredients to make sandwiches. By the time he had finished making a few with rye bread, cheese, sliced chicken and avocado, Steve had polished off the cold beans and was eyeing up the sandwiches. “Knock yourself out,” Tony urged him and Steve grabbed two sandwiches at once, eating contentedly as Tony finished several more and then took one for himself, knowing Steve would have no trouble dealing with the rest.

Once Steve had chewed down three thick sandwiches, he swallowed and stopped long enough to get himself a tall glass of milk. “Was Bruce okay?” he asked.

“Yeah,” Tony nodded. “I sent him off to bed. Maybe I’ll tuck you in, too, before I get to hit the sack myself.”

Steve looked a bit guilty. “Just go to bed. I’ll be fine.”

“What if you need to open another can of something?” Tony teased.

Steve shifted his foot and Tony heard the telltale sound of his vibranium shield shifting against the floor. “I think I’ll manage.”

Tony laughed. In his defense, he was tired, easily amused, and perhaps suffering from a mild concussion. However, Steve seemed to perk up at the sound and smiled to himself, returning to browse the shelves. He couldn’t be all that hungry anymore, and he wasn’t shaking as badly, either, so he would probably be okay. Steve was a grown man who had been in the army and in a war; he could get himself into bed just fine.

“We have strawberries,” Steve suddenly announced and pulled a plastic container from a cupboard.

“Who stashed them there?” Tony frowned.

Steve shrugged and popped one in his mouth. “They’re ripe. Better eat them now before they spoil.”

“Good thinking,” Tony agreed and went to the fridge, not finding whipped cream – shocker, Thor loved that stuff – but there was some chocolate sauce. “How about it?” Tony offered, showing Steve the bottle.

“No whipped cream?” Steve asked, almost disappointed.

“Thor must have demolished the last batch we had,” Tony guessed, then snapped his fingers. “I have some in my room!”

The smile he got in return was radiant, and without further debate they took their prize desserts and went up to Tony’s floor. Steve settled down in the sitting area while Tony went and fetched the whipped cream – the best stuff that was sold in a can, according to anyone who had tasted it.

Steve had brought the chocolate sauce along anyway and tugged at the neck of his uniform, loosening one of the hidden zippers. It might be smarter to go shower before enjoying their dessert, which Tony suggested as he sat down on a couch opposite from Steve’s: “How about I toss these in a cooler and we both clean up before getting started on the dessert?”

Surprisingly, Steve gave him a suspicious look. “You sure you won’t just eat them while I’m gone?”

“Me?!” Tony tried to pretend he was shocked by Steve’s distrust. “I would never! Okay, maybe a few,” he teased and popped one strawberry into his mouth. Nice and ripe, just as Steve had said. By next morning they might already be going bad, so the smart thing to do was to eat them now. “I have a bathroom right there,” Tony finally offered, pointing toward the door on the side.

Steve looked at it, considering his options, then peered at the strawberries as if trying to figure out how to protect them from Tony’s clever fingers. “You could use a shower, too,” he said finally. “That way both of us are cleared of any suspicion of eating the strawberries behind the other’s back.”

He could use a shower, Tony knew that. The thing was, though, he wasn’t certain whether he could survive a shower with Captain America. “I, uh…”

Steve’s expression changed in a heartbeat, from playful to hard and withdrawn. “I’m sorry, I didn’t meant it like that.”

“You didn’t?” Tony raised an eyebrow. “I’m almost hurt.”

“You are?” And once again the hopeful look was there, and Tony had no idea who was playing whom, or where the jokes ended and a glimpse at some long-hidden truth began.

“I’m not sure showering together would be such a good idea,” Tony finally said.

“You’ve never showered with another man before?” Steve cocked an eyebrow.

“It… depends,” he started haltingly, then narrowed his eyes at Steve. “Are you playing me?”

“I was trying to get you into the shower with me, but if you would rather not…”

Tony was almost certain he was suffering from a head trauma of some kind, but if this was a hallucination or just some big misunderstanding, he was totally fine with that. “The showering part of things isn’t a problem,” Tony ventured.

“So what is?” Steve was all for solving problems. For a master tactician, this weird dance was like a decoy meant to confuse, and Tony wasn’t sure how much he should buy into Steve’s words and half-promises.

“I’m not sure we both want the same thing here,” Tony finally confessed, because he didn’t want to seem too eager, or assume too much.

“Okay,” Steve nodded and scooted forward on his seat, closer to Tony. “So, let’s make this simpler. This is what I want,” he stated, and leaned forward the rest of the way and kissed Tony. Sure, Tony saw it coming – he was an expert in tactical approach when it came to sexual interaction. Still, he allowed himself to be surprised – okay, he really was surprised.

Steve drew back after a bit, blue eyes dark in the dim lights. “Now, what do you want?” he asked.

Tony blinked at him. “You, out of that uniform. Stat.”

Steve grinned at him again, stood up and started stripping his uniform off right there in front of Tony. And what did Tony do? He just gaped, pretty much. Sure, he had seen Steve less than fully clothed before, but never naked – never purposefully naked in Tony’s room. The pale skin was smooth beneath all the sweat and grime of the battle. Just like on his face, smears of blood were still visible, as well as some bruises and wounds that were still healing. It even looked like one of Steve’s ribs may have been cracked, but he moved like it didn’t bother him and Tony assumed that if the bone didn’t need to be set, the serum would deal with that like it dealt with everything else.

‘Everything else’ seemed to include Steve’s cock.

“Holy mother of Christ,” Tony swore, eyes glued to it. Steve wasn’t hung like a horse – Tony had seen bigger in real life – but even after hours of fighting and getting tossed around, Steve was hard and his cock stood up, straight against his stomach. A really bad pun would have been to say it was saluting, but Tony’s brain was probably bleeding and he swallowed, trying to move his eyes anywhere that wasn’t Steve’s crotch.

The blond shifted a little, and even without looking at his face Tony could tell he was getting nervous. Tony felt like he was eyeing up the blond’s cock like Steve had eyed up the sandwiches earlier, but Tony was going to get him some of that, pronto.

“Tony?” Steve asked, voice wavering a little.

“Do you have any objections to me cramming your cock down my throat in the next few seconds?” Tony asked, still unable to look away from the faintly pulsing column of hard flesh. He had never been obsessive about cocks or any part of human anatomy in particular, but he would make an exception for Steve’s cock. And perhaps, once the two of them got better acquainted, Tony could broaden his obsession to the rest of Steve. For now…

“No objections,” Steve managed, a bit less nervously, and Tony took that as a blessing from the heavens and leaned forward, grabbing the base of Steve’s cock with his right hand to tilt it away from his muscled abdomen and sealed his lips around the head. While he would have liked to just dive in and hold his breath forever, Steve was big enough to force Tony into a cautious approach. Steve tasted of sweat and smelled of the battleground. The pre-cum that soon bubbled from the tip had a different flavor, though. For lack of a better word, it was ‘clean’ – not something affected by a diet or natural flavor.

Tony moved his head back and forth, taking Steve deeper and deeper, than aligned his head to take it past the comfort zone, letting his throat relax and get used to the sensation.

Above him, Steve was breathing at a slow, deep pace. When Tony’s free hand slid across his thigh, he could tell Steve was tense, perhaps to keep from moving. Tony drew back, slowly, tongue dragging against Steve’s cock as he made his final ascent. “When I’ve taken you in all the way,” he murmured against Steve’s pelvic bone, “I want you to fuck my face.”

“Is that what you want?” Steve asked, his voice carefully neutral.

Tony peered up at him, cheek resting against Steve’s skin. His cock was a mere inch from his lips when they curled into a smile. “For starters. After that we can negotiate. How’s your refractory period?”

“My what?”

“Seriously?” Tony joked, then frowned and weighed the possibilities. Steve was from the forties. Sex Ed may have not been such a big thing then – not with the same accuracy as today, anyway. “How long before you can get hard again after you’ve shot your load?” he rephrased his question, but it still didn’t seem to make things easier for Steve.

“Um… You mean, after the first time, or…?” Steve seemed genuinely uncertain of what Tony was trying to find out, and Tony leaned back a bit, to look at him better.

“I guess we’ll see,” Tony decided, because he really didn’t want to make Steve uncomfortable at this point, and the blond nodded, looking relieved. “Should we get back to this?” he added, sliding his right hand back around Steve’s cock.

“Please,” Steve gave him a tiny smile. “Although… I’m not sure if what you said earlier is a good idea. I don’t want to break your jaw or anything.”

Tony laughed – then didn’t, because most people got a little lost when they orgasmed, and he didn’t really want to try that with a man with super strength. “Agreed. But,” he added, leaning closer and sliding his tongue across the head of Steve’s cock, “I want you to move with me. Don’t hold back so much. Just, you know, don’t break anything,” he added and tilted his head down to take Steve back in his mouth.

This time around he established a rhythm much more easily, and after a bit Steve’s hips started with minute thrusts, meeting Tony’s movements. It was like a well-oiled engine and Tony had an appreciation for such things.

Briefly, Tony tapped on Steve’s hip when he got himself at a better angle and finally slid all the way down. It felt a little like suffocating, taking Steve so deep, but after a few tries his throat and jaw relaxed more, getting a bit more used to it, and Tony spread his fingers on Steve’s hips, guiding him back and forth from the frozen stillness he had fallen into again.

It didn’t take long before they had a very good rhythm going – nor was it long after that when Steve started drawing back when Tony tried getting him to do the opposite, which probably meant he was getting closer. Sure enough, Steve twitched and groaned softly, and Tony caught his cum in his mouth. Just like the pre-cum, it didn’t have a distinct flavor, as if it had been purified.

Tony drew back, grabbing a napkin from the table and cleaning his face a little. Steve was panting faintly, his cock hanging forty-five degrees lower than before, but he was still stiff. Perplexed, Tony watched it, one hand caressing Steve’s thigh, and as if by some unseen magic, the cock finally filled up again and resumed its fully erect stand against Steve’s stomach.

It hadn’t even been two minutes.

“Okay, I understand your confusion now,” Tony murmured and looked up at Steve’s face. It was hard to tell whether Steve was ashamed or just uncomfortable, and that was all sorts of wrong. “Have you tried seeing how many times you can come like this, back to back?” Tony asked and slowly stood up, rubbing his clothed hip against Steve’s cock.

“Two or three times. After a battle, depending… Sometimes I’m too tired to get it up at all; sometimes it takes more to calm things down,” he confessed.

“Gotta love those endorphins,” Tony mused and leaned up a little to kiss Steve’s chin. “How about we get in the shower and see if we can’t make lil’ Cap go to sleep.”

Steve flushed a little. “Really? That’s what you’re calling it?”

“It’s either that or Iron Patriot, and that name’s already in use,” Tony grinned.

Steve rolled his eyes.

“Also, just for the record, I’m kind of wiped after the fight so place your bets well,” Tony added.

That got the other man’s attention and Steve regarded Tony curiously. “I’m still not sure I know what you want.”

“Well, I already got what I really wanted, so now we negotiate,” Tony told him and stepped back a little, starting to undo his undersuit. He was aware that with or without the grime of battle, he was going to look old and out of shape next to the perfection of Steve’s body. Not to mention bruised and punished by all of his years, although Extremis had smoothed over the worst marks.

Steve watched him with open curiosity. His eyes lingered on Tony’s chest, smooth now that the arc reactor had been removed, the hideous scars fixed by the inclusion of Extremis. Tony tried not to feel self-conscious as he kicked the undersuit out of the way and stood there a bit awkwardly despite trying to look proud and unaffected by the superiority of Steve’s physique.

The blond tilted his head, as if measuring Tony from a different angle, then finally nodded as if making a decision. “Shower?”

“Please,” Tony agreed, and they entered the bathroom together. After blowing Steve and basking in the nakedness of the super-soldier’s body, Tony’s cock had taken interest in what was happening. He stroked it a few times before reaching for his favorite soap, and they proceeded to wash as if there had been no talk about further erotic activity.

Steve washed fast – something that had to be a leftover from his past life – and Tony felt himself being watched once again as he finished rinsing his hair. Then he felt Steve’s lips on his and kissed him on automatic, eyes still shut and nose trying not to inhale water as he tried to finish washing. Steve’s hands joined his, strong fingers sliding across his scalp. They moved down, then along his spine and all the way down to his ass, sliding along the swell of muscle and then below, squeezing suddenly.

“Don’t tell me you’re an ass man,” Tony grinned, blinking his eyes open.

“I’m an artist at heart,” Steve defended himself. “I would like to draw you one day.”

“Like one of your French girls?” Tony teased.

“I actually did draw a few girls in France… but they weren’t wearing any diamonds,” he added, to show Tony he knew where the reference was from. For some reason, Tony thought Steve would like a movie like Titanic – well, until the whole icy water and drowning bit happened.

“Were they naked?” Tony asked. “Your French girls.”

“One of them would have been, had I wanted her to be,” Steve replied and kissed Tony again.

Tony shifted and felt Steve’s cock between their bodies. His own dick tried to perk up, in order to not look old and pitiful, but frankly, what was he trying to do in attempting to measure up to the pinnacle of human perfection? It wasn’t going to happen, but the way things were going, it felt like he had some qualities Steve really liked.

“Is this okay?” Steve murmured against his lips as his fingers slid between Tony’s ass cheeks. It seemed he knew what he was looking for, his aim dead center, and Tony moaned.

“If you’re okay with it, then yeah – and may I counteroffer that you replace your fingers with your cock sometime tonight?”

Steve drew back from the half-kiss and waited until Tony opened his eyes and looked at him. “You don’t need to do any of this because you think I want it. I know some men don’t like it like that.”

“Then you probably also know some men enjoy having dicks up their ass, and you can trust me to know what I like,” Tony added, raising an eyebrow in challenge. “Are we doing this or not?” he asked – and was then hoisted up without warning. It seemed that Steve had had enough time to recuperate, because he handled Tony like he weighed nothing, taking them to the nearest shower wall. Steve leaned Tony’s back against the wall, then held him up with the one arm as the other disappeared between them. Tony had known Steve was strong, but the strength in such a small gesture as wriggling a finger up his ass, then two, then scissoring them, almost blew his mind.

“Tell me if it hurts,” Steve told him.

“I’ll hurt you if you don’t find something to slick the way, soon, and get on with it,” Tony grunted back at him, then looked to the side and reached out to select one of the organic body washes that would do just fine. Steve didn’t smile or grin: he was completely dedicated to his new mission, bringing his hand up for Tony to squirt some of the slick soap on his hand, then took it back down between them, three fingers sliding in easy. Tony was going to be a bit sore in the morning, but it was also the hottest thing he could remember for a while.

Steve wasn’t about to hurt him, though: he took his time with the prep and when he hoisted Tony a big higher and then slowly slid his cock inside his ass, it was all deliberately careful and done with such patience that Tony wasn’t sure where he had gotten it. Even in battle, Steve didn’t have nerves like these, and Tony had never been the most patient of people when his dick was hard.

“Move,” Tony told Steve as the other man had held still after his entry. Tony’s ass was squeezing around the girth of the cock, his body trembling a bit from the position because no matter how easily Steve held him up, Tony couldn’t just let himself relax.

Steve nodded and his hips moved, sawing his cock in and out. His arms held Tony’s thighs, spreading them a bit further open, and even if Tony had wanted to, he couldn’t really move along. Perhaps that was Steve’s point because he made no move to fix that, and Tony squirmed to the best of his ability before settling and just enjoying the drag and push.

“Come on,” Tony urged after a bit and slid his arms better around Steve’s shoulders. “Fuck me like you mean it.”

“I already mean it,” Steve corrected. “You’re covered in bruises. There’s no reason to add to them.”

“You’re ruining my hot shower sex,” Tony complained and tried to move his right leg from Steve’s grip and hook it around the blond’s waist.

“I can see how you’re not liking any of this,” Steve deadpanned and ground his hips, making his next inward stroke drag against Tony’s prostate.

“You still have potential,” Tony admitted through a groan. Steve finally agreed to move Tony’s legs, too, allowing them to settle around his hips while Tony’s back still rested against the shower wall.

“Better?” Steve asked, hands adjusting their hold, settling on Tony’s right buttock and the left side of his waist.

“Less talking, more fucking,” Tony ordered, working his own hips. He really wouldn’t have been up for any of this, but Extremis gave him an extra boost of energy and Steve finally deigned to do as he was told, shifting Tony’s body up with every thrust; it felt like gravity dropped him an extra inch deeper every time he fell back down, and if Steve’s loud exhales were anything to go by, he was loving it.

Tony reached one hand down to stroke himself, which may have been a mistake, considering that Steve could possibly still go another round, but Tony was aching to come and Steve leaned forward a little, resting their foreheads together as he changed the tempo and depth of his thrust again – shallower and faster – grinding against Tony.

“Are you close?” he asked.

Tony just nodded, bit his lips and closed his eyes, unsure whether he was trying to make it faster or last longer, but eventually he felt his balls draw up and the heat pooling in the pit of his stomach – which was a second before Steve’s hand reached from his waist to the head of his cock, caressing it with those fingers that could kill a man, and Tony came with a sharp yell, bucking his hips, Steve’s cock feeling just right inside him.

Afterwards, Tony clung haphazardly to Steve’s body. He was utterly spent, which reminded him that he should have made sure Steve came before he did.

“Do you want me to move, or do you want me to get –?”

“Just, finish up if you’re close,” Tony murmured against his neck. “Bonus points if you manage to hit my prostate.”

Steve must have been close because he didn’t slide out of Tony; he resumed his thrusts after adjusting Tony’s body a little. In a matter of seconds Tony was about to give him all the bonus points in the world, his insides clenching as Steve’s cock brushed relentlessly past his over-stimulated prostate. It was fucking fantastic, and Tony felt like he was coming again right alongside Steve, some minutes later. The super-soldier’s fingers left marks on his hips, for sure, and he thrust in hard a few times before stilling and finally sliding out, lowering Tony carefully to the floor.

It was Tony’s turn to be weak-legged and Steve ended up holding him up as he washed them a little, then turned off the water and took them out, finding towels for them both. Steve took them back to the side of the living room while they were still half-wet, sitting Tony down on the couch. It was a good plan, though, because Tony was tired and just lay back like a dead fish.

Steve found them bottles of water, then sat down beside Tony in strange silence. After a while Tony opened his eyes and looked at Steve, then remembered the strawberries. “They’re not going to eat themselves,” Tony noted and reached out to snatch one strawberry from the container.

Encouraged by this, Steve dug in as well. He seemed to enjoy the whipped cream and chocolate sauce – delicacies he probably hadn’t been able to afford before the ice – and every once in a while, if Tony hadn’t reached out for a strawberry for a bit, he would feed Tony one. That, naturally, led to more kissing, and somewhere in between all that the strawberries got eaten, as well as the whipped cream Tony had had in the fridge.

Steve got up after that, taking their damp towels back into the bathroom and then returned, looking at Tony with an odd expression. “What?” Tony asked. He was lying in the corner of the couch, one leg drawn up, too tired to be ashamed. Besides, Steve had just fucked him, so… Ah. Tony supposed he had that fucked look going on, and now that he cared to look, Steve was hard still – or again, because Tony hadn’t noticed that while they were eating.

“Want me to…?” Tony asked vaguely and pointed at Steve’s cock.

“That’s okay,” Steve mused. “It will go down on its own, or I’ll deal with it.”

“We should go to bed,” Tony said next, assuming that they might just as well use his after all this. “Unless, you know, you want to go to yours,” he added, not wanting to get greedy.

“Yours is right there, if I’m invited to it,” Steve smiled softly.

“You’re invited,” Tony confirmed and shifted to a better position. “What are you thinking about?” he asked. Seriously, how was Steve just standing there, not stroking himself? He might as well, if he wasn’t doing anything else. Ignoring a beautiful hard-on wasn’t healthy.

“Drawing you,” Steve confessed.

“Now?” Tony frowned.

Steve shrugged, then moved over to the room that served as Tony’s office, sometimes, and returned with a mechanical pencil and a notepad. Certainly those weren’t ideal for any kind of drawing, but Tony’s office wasn’t stacked with art supplies, either, and Steve seemed content with his findings. He sat down on the couch opposite from Tony’s, naked and cross-legged, and started drawing. Tony lay there for a bit, then started wondering if he was supposed to hold still. He also started nodding off, because he was tired, and eventually Steve put his pen and notepad down. “Let’s got to bed,” he urged.

Tony nodded, a bit sleepy, but stole a look at the drawing. It was more of a sketch, but really good.

“Come on,” Steve urged before Tony could better look at it, pulling him towards the bed.

“I let you draw me,” Tony stated, suppressing a yawn. “Now you’ll let me blow you.”

Steve raised an eyebrow, but he could hardly argue because his cock was still stiff, even though it had stopped standing at full attention. It was ridiculous, as if someone had stuck a ramrod inside it.

Relenting, Steve sat down on the bed, and Tony knelt between his legs. It didn’t take long before Steve came this time; either he was tired, speeding it up or staring at Tony’s naked body while he drew him had helped things along. Whatever it was, Tony finished with a few more broad licks, then went to the bathroom to rinse and used some mouthwash because he couldn’t be bothered to wash his teeth as this hour.

Steve had settled down on the far side of the bed, and Tony landed heavily in the middle, sluggishly tugging up the covers. Once they were sufficiently covered, Tony settled his head by Steve’s shoulder and the other man reached over, settling an arm over Tony’s waist. Steve was asleep in seconds, by the look of it, but despite his earlier weariness, Tony had a hard time following him.

He couldn’t place it, but he suddenly felt uneasy, as if something were missing. Also, in the silence, it was as if he kept hearing something, but his brain couldn’t figure out what. Tony lifted his head briefly and looked at the empty stretch of bed behind him, then out towards the door, but he could hear nothing but Steve’s even breaths.

Tony settled back down, trying to get rid of the feeling. It didn’t pass, but it eventually let him fall asleep.

- - -

Tony entered his floor to the smell of exotic spices. He had been in the workshop for the last five hours, putting the finishing touches on his armor that was just one job in a long line of repairs after their battle against the magical kid in Harlem. It had been a couple weeks since then, and life had returned to normalcy.

Well, some things had definitely changed – like Bruce, cooking in his kitchen like he belonged there, looking up at Tony with a warm expression.

“That smells great,” Tony observed. “Is it going to give me a tummy ache afterwards, like last time?” he teased.

“You should eat new things in moderation,” Bruce informed him – like he had last week, after Tony had ordered him to rub his aching stomach.

“Speaking of moderation…” Tony said and moved over to Bruce, leaning against the kitchen counter beside him, “I have a surprise for you. Or, not a surprise, because we’ve talked about it, but… an offering, maybe?”

“An offering,” Bruce repeated as he stirred the sauce in the pot, then looked away from the food to meet Tony’s eyes. “What kind of offering?”

“The kind that involves something from me, and something from you,” Tony teased, rolled his back towards Bruce and pointedly pressed his ass against Bruce’s thigh. He heard the other man’s breath catch. “I’ve been wearing it all day, and I was thinking… we might finally do what you so delectably promised on our first night together. I can’t believe we haven’t already done it by now, but I assure you, I’m prepped.”

“Tony,” Bruce cut him off, “just because you’re wearing a plug –”

“A very sizeable, purple plug,” Tony grinned.

“– I’m not going to fist you without being sure you’re ready for it.”

“I’m totally ready for it,” Tony assured him. “Look, I even cleaned up, if you know what I mean. I’ve been on a diet for the last week. Plus, we’ve been fairly active – you, me, your fingers, the toy box – so it’s going to be okay. I’ve got some new, awesome lube. It’s going to be perfect.”

“First times are rarely perfect,” Bruce noted. “In fact, I’m fairly certain first times never actually pan out –”

“Are you trying to imply I can’t take it?” Tony challenged him.

“I’m trying to imply that we both want it, but that if at any point you feel like you need more time, or don’t want it, it’s completely normal,” Bruce noted and turned off the stove. “The stew will take a half an hour at least. Longer would be better.”

“I can think of something we can do while we wait for that,” Tony agreed.

“I thought so,” Bruce smiled a bit and took off his glasses. “Show me.”

There was a chance Bruce meant something other than the purple plug Tony had just told him about, but those chances were slim. So, Tony turned his back on the other man, dropped his pants and underwear, and leaned forward just a little to give Bruce a better view.

“How big is it?” Bruce asked next – clinical, and also ensuring Tony had a growing doctor kink.

“Took a few hours for me to adjust to it,” Tony confessed, knowing that this wasn’t the time to boast. Not boasting would definitely give him better results. “Do you want to take it out and see?”

Bruce took him by the back of the neck and forced Tony to shuffle his feet over to a nearby chair, legs still caught in his pants and underwear, then made him bend over the furniture. “Spread your legs,” Bruce urged – softly, intimately.

Tony did, as far as they would go without removing the clothes that restrained his movements; he had a feeling Bruce would have told him to remove his pants and underwear if he wanted them gone.

One of Bruce’s hands remained at the small of Tony’s back, which was a reminder for Tony to stay in position. The other dove between his ass cheeks, toying with the end of the plug, then grasped the flare and slowly started working it out, turning it slightly from side to side to make Tony’s sphincter relax and release it. “Just breathe,” he told Tony, as if he couldn’t figure it out for himself.

Even after hours of having the toy inside him, Tony felt the stretch as it left his body – only to be shoved gently back inside by Bruce’s fingers. Tony closed his eyes and groaned as Bruce fucked him with it, slow and agonizing, a few times letting it sink back in all the way and settle before teasing it out again.

“You want to try this now?” Bruce asked.

While Tony had been prepared, he hadn’t been sure if Bruce would say yes. Maybe that was why he considered his answer for a few seconds. “If you feel like it,” he finally replied, knowing that as important as his own preparedness was, Bruce’s also couldn’t be dismissed – and not just because of the Hulk.

Bruce pushed the plug back into him and removed both his hands. “Let’s go to the bedroom. J.A.R.V.I.S., raise the temperature by a few degrees.

“Of course, Dr. Banner.”

“I don’t think getting cold will be a problem,” Tony noted as he rose, slid off his pants and underwear and followed Bruce into the bedroom. The man was already looking at the new lube, then disappeared in the bathroom. Tony removed the rest of his clothes, adjusted the plug and carefully sat down on the bed.

“Lie back,” Bruce instructed without poking his head out.

Tony did as he was told, staring at the ceiling. Absently, he started stroking himself while waiting for Bruce to come back, then looked at the other man as Bruce emerged from the bathroom. He had washed his hands, and had a couple towels with him. One of them he placed on the bed, under Tony’s ass, which made it all suddenly very, very real. It had been a while since Tony had been nervous in bed.

Next Bruce fetched three low stools, placing them all at the end of the bed. He sat down on the middle one and placed Tony’s feet on the other two. “You good?” he asked.

Tony nodded and tried to relax. The position wasn’t awkward but it felt weird, obviously. He went on stroking his cock and Bruce didn’t tell him to stop, so it was good, probably. Briefly, Bruce tugged his hips a bit closer to the edge of the bed, and with Tony’s ass almost hanging off the bed, the scientist removed the plug and put it aside.

“Remember, we’ll stop when you want to,” Bruce told him.

“Or you,” Tony added, because it felt like he should say it out loud. “This is a group effort, right?”

Bruce smiled at him and opened the brand new lube. “Right. This is good stuff,” he added after a bit.

“Works well for fisting. I checked,” Tony informed him, then took a deep breath. He knew what to expect because they had talked about this in theory. Still, it felt weird when Bruce started with his fingers, two and three, then four, taking it so slowly Tony wondered whether Bruce was going to chicken out. Then came finger number five, which they had done before, briefly, and Tony tried to hold back a groan in case it alarmed Bruce.

“Don’t do that,” the other man told him softly, eyes intense. “If you start holding back, this stops right here.”

Tony nodded and kept stroking his cock, staring at the ceiling. He wished he could see what Bruce was doing. The motion of his hand on his cock had become like a comfort thing, but he stayed hard even though the anticipation was taking the edge off for now.

Slowly, Tony’s body relaxed into the intrusion. Bruce added more lube and tucked his thumb in. Tony imagined he felt the other man’s knuckles against the rim of his ass. It was hot and terrifying at the same time. He wished he were drunk and could just let go of the nervousness, but Bruce never would have done this if Tony hadn’t been completely sober, and besides, Tony didn’t want to miss a second of this; he was nervous, yes, but he also wanted to do this, to accomplish something he hadn’t done before and have that genuine connection with Bruce.

Bruce rotated his hand, slowly, carefully. Tony’s body resisted it, but not wholeheartedly. It didn’t hurt, which was a bit of a surprise, but Bruce had said it wasn’t supposed to, either. Bruce pressed a bit harder, and Tony felt his body struggle to accept the widest part of his hand. Bruce didn’t have huge hands, but they were strong and sturdy like the rest of him, made to survive and take a beating from life.

Tony wondered if this was the right time to wax poetic, and concentrated on breathing instead.

Slowly, agonizingly so, Bruce’s hand slipped inside and Tony’s ass clamped around everything from fingertips to wrist. Tony tried craning his head, to see, which shifted his legs and made his abdominal muscles tense, which in return made the pressure inside his colon so much worse.

“Relax,” Bruce told him.

“Shit,” Tony gasped, then laughed, then gasped again as Bruce shifted, just a little, but it felt like he was moving all of Tony’s world now. “We did it,” Tony said, not quite believing it. “And I can’t even see it. There must be a design flaw…”

Bruce’s free hand caressed his thigh. “You do know J.A.R.V.I.S. is getting all this, right? In HD.”

“From multiple angles,” the AI added.

Tony laughed again, which made his internal muscles squeeze around Bruce’s hand – who groaned, just a little.

“I’m pretty sure I can feel you breathe,” Bruce noted.

“I’m pretty sure you can’t, but… thanks,” Tony replied, a bit tightly.

“You’re starting to glow,” the other man observed a second later.

“Fuck,” Tony swore, closing his eyes, trying to focus. “Okay, no big deal. I’ll just… breathe.” He felt heat pooling under his skin, everywhere. He wasn’t sure which part of his brain thought this was a threat – if any – but if Extremis was activating, it could potentially lead to a fiery mess.

Not to mention, Bruce was wrist-deep inside his body, and couldn’t safely back off without taking his time, which meant it was crucial that Tony not start going hot and trigger a Hulk-out.

“Breathe,” Bruce urged him. “Come on, sweetie.”

Tony burst out laughing. “You’re seriously not calling me that!”

“But it’s working,” Bruce noted, smiling a little, although it was easy to see he was tenser than he should be right now. “Just ease past it and relax.”

“Your hand is inside me; it’s a bit hard to relax around that,” Tony mused.

“You did just fine when I pushed in, Tony.” Bruce’s other hand slid across his thigh, up to his hip and then to his cock – which Tony was clutching almost desperately. “That’s not how you do it,” Bruce teased and forced Tony to let go, then took over stroking him, thumb moving down every once in a while, caressing his balls.

Tony breathed deeper and eased into it. Once his body wasn’t clutching onto Bruce’s hand like his life depended on it, he felt like he could feel Bruce’s breaths, too, in every minute little shift that the other man probably wasn’t even aware of. Then, once he relaxed enough, Bruce started moving his hand purposefully backwards.

“Are you pulling out?” Tony asked, lifting his head, squinting at the other man. “I think I’ve finally got the hang of this, don’t quit on me now.”

“Shh,” Bruce ordered, pulling his hand a bit further back, then thrust it forward again. He also angled it, which felt weird – until his knuckles moved across Tony’s prostate and he almost came on the spot from the sensation.

Tony didn’t swear out loud, but his lips moved around the words. His hand returned to his cock, working the tip, leaving Bruce to do what he wanted with the base, his balls, and his perineum.

“You’re getting close,” Bruce observed.

“Hell yeah,” Tony breathed. “Just, keep…”

“I think your core temperature just rose by five degrees,” Bruce added; he didn’t sound scared or terrified that Tony would hurt him. Rather, Bruce had his ‘we’re conducting an experiment’ voice on, and it made Tony’s brain melt a little. “You’re glowing again.”

“I’m sorry, I can’t stop it,” Tony babbled, shifting his hips because he couldn’t stop that either, and each small movement rubbed all his sensitive spots in the right way. “Yes, yes, yes…” he kept hissing, then felt his orgasm wash through him like a heat-wave – which it possibly was, considering that his body was still awash with occasional orange ripples when he recovered enough to open his eyes and try to look at Bruce.

“You okay?” Tony asked, even those two simple words lisping a little.

“Fine. If you could relax a little…”

Tony nodded and plopped his head back down to the mattress. Eventually the tremors lessened and he could relax, which allowed Bruce to start the long journey back. It felt like a mile-long trek until Bruce gently pulled his hand free of Tony’s body and flexed his fingers a little.

“I didn’t hurt you, did I?” Tony asked because he was finally coming back to himself and he knew he should have factored in the Extremis.

“I’m fine. I could feel it, though, when you came,” Bruce told him, almost grinning now that it was over. “I’m sure it’s spectacular even with normal people, but you and Extremis…” Bruce moved up, leaning over Tony’s body, and sealed their lips together. Tony kissed him back, still sluggish but enjoying every bit. After a while Bruce shifted a little, his hand working between them, undoing his own pants. His cockhead painted a wet trail on Tony’s skin and Bruce resumed kissing him as he jerked off. Tony felt bad, for not helping him, but Bruce came fast and seemed completely satisfied by how things finished. He rolled over and they gazed at each other, occasionally caressing their bodies – Bruce’s still fully clothed one save for his open pants, Tony’s naked and sweaty one.

Tony was content, in a way he had rarely felt in his life – yet there it was, once again, the feeling that something wasn’t right.

That something was missing.

- - -

Tony entered his floor after a long stretch in the workshop. His armor was almost completely repaired from their battle in Harlem two weeks ago, and he smiled almost stupidly as he came in view of the kitchen. “Seriously? You’re cooking?” he asked Steve, who was standing at the kitchen island, mixing something in a bowl, wearing an apron over faded jeans and a t-shirt.

“I can cook,” Steve defended himself.

“I know,” Tony reassured. “Just, you’re usually too hungry to actually make something that requires, you know, preparation,” he teased and went over to peek at the bowl. “Cookies?” he asked excitedly.

“Yeah. Strawberry with white chocolate chips,” Steve told him. “There’s also spaghetti and tomato sauce,” he added.

“You knew I was coming upstairs?”

“I asked J.A.R.V.I.S. when you might be done, approximately.”

Tony playfully slapped the blond’s ass. “I want to lick the spatula.”

“I thought the cook gets to do that,” Steve replied.

“But I’m the cook’s little helper!”

Steve glanced at him, then abandoned the cookie batter, whirling around instead and grabbing Tony as he went, lifting him up and onto the countertop. “You’re not helping, doll,” he admonished softly.

“You’re seriously not calling me that,” Tony tried to kick him – then stopped when Steve’s hands went for Tony’s belt and undid it, along with his jeans.

“I like calling you things,” Steve said – and he did. Always in the privacy of their room, never on the field; that’s why Tony usually let it slide with a minimum of complaints.

“You’re lucky I like you so much,” Tony muttered, craning his neck to look at Steve as the man tugged Tony’s underwear down in order to get to his cock, which was perking up at the prospect of sexy times. “Not fair,” Tony complained. “I want to suck you,” he stated, even as Steve’s lips touched his sensitive flesh.

“I thought you wanted the spatula,” Steve deadpanned.

Tony chuckled and arched his back as Steve sucked him in all the way – damn he was good at that – which forced him to rest his head back on the counter. “You know what? We should sixty-nine. Definitely and regularly.”

“Sixty-nine?” Steve asked, lifting his head.

“Yeah. You know,” Tony tried to describe it with his hands.

Steve, being the smart cookie that he was, got it almost instantly. “Ah. Sounds fun,” he commented, then went back to sucking Tony’s cock.

Tony’s legs twitched a little; he was getting close to the proverbial edge way too fast, but Steve probably knew that and was doing it on purpose. “It is fun,” Tony agreed, trying to distract himself by talking, to make it last, but between Steve’s lips and tongue, and, fuck, he just swallowed around the head of Tony’s cock – it was hard. “A team effort,” Tony managed to say, not really even remembering what he was talking about anymore. It had something to do with cock, but in between Steve’s mouth and the hands holding his hips down to the counter, he couldn’t remember.

“F-fuck,” he finally stuttered as Steve sucked his orgasm out of him, along with his seed.

Afterwards, Steve even nuzzled his crotch, which was entirely unfair because he was sexy as hell to begin with and didn’t need to up the ante with something like that.

“Better?” Steve asked finally and drew back, cleaning up his face and returning to making cookies.

“I didn’t realize there was something wrong,” Tony noted, still dazed, lying on the counter.

“When you feel like it, get your ass off the counter and get cleaned up, then set the table. I’m hungry.”

Tony turned his head, looking at the tall blond. Broad shoulders and trim waist, dressed in an unassuming apron that didn’t even say ‘cooks are hot’; Tony was fairly certain the apron wasn’t his, which led him to imagine Steve buying it, with the intention of cooking dinner.

All this was a perfect example of what their life had been like since that first spectacular night together, and Tony felt content on a level he hadn’t experienced in… well, maybe ever.

Still, sometimes, he got this feeling that something wasn’t as it should be.

That something was missing from the equation, and try as he might, he couldn’t shake the feeling.

- - -

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