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Alexander the Great Avengers / Iron Man Heroes
The Lord of the Rings Lord of War Queer as Folk Crossovers

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Title | complete
The story is written, finished, and posted.

Title | work in progress...
Indicates that the story is currently in the works.

Title | on-going story
A story that’s parts are not really connected to each other, and that can be continued at any time.

No text after the title indicates that the story has been planned, but is not being worked on yet.


 Broken World series 

Peter and Sylar’s struggle leads to a terribly outcome. They have to learn to live with the consequences – and fight the world for their right to exist.

Read here!  | The Error of Sun Tzu  | complete

Read here!  | Ashes to Ashes  | complete

Read here!  | Deep Sleep  | complete

Read here!  | Sounds  | complete

Read here!  | Enemy Within  | complete

Read here!  | Night Terror  | complete

Read here!  | Where Is Your God?  | complete

Looking into the...

Shattered Eden  | work in progress...

Read here!  | Dust to Dust  | complete

Awaken the Dead


Not Your Kind


Polar Opposite

 read together... 

Read here!  | Vampire Syndrome  | complete

Read here!  | Blood Spatter  | complete

Read here!  Dracula Disorder  | complete

 read together... 

Read here!  | Heroes of Tomorrow  | work in progress...

Heroes Today  | work in progress...

Read here!  | Burning Sun  | complete

Read here!  | Dying  | complete

Read here!  | Empty Dead World  | complete

Read here!  | Endings  | complete

Read here!  | Family Psychology  | complete

Read here!  | The Hue of Betrayal  | complete

Read here!  | Lessons Learned  | complete

Read here!  | Ne Plus Ultra  | complete

Read here!  | No Such Thing  | complete

Read here!  | Obscure Heroism  | complete

Read here!  | Occupational Hazard  | complete

Read here!  | Of Waffles and Love  | complete

Read here!  | Onset  | complete

Read here!  | The Price of Selfishness  | complete

Read here!  | Ravenous  | complete

Read here!  | Reasons  | complete

Read here!  | Six Faces of Broken Trust  | complete

Read here!  | Standby  | complete

Read here!  | Still Breathing  | complete

Read here!  | To Forget What You Did  | complete

Read here!  | A Truckload of Ice  | complete

Read here!  | Wondering About Distance  | complete

Read here!  | Worse than Weather  | complete

Read here!  | Zugzwang  | complete

 The Lord of the Rings 
 The Journey series 

A series of stories that show one possible journey through Legolas’ life. Mostly AU, but not flagrantly so. Much darkness, death, pain and evil is present, though friendship is stronger than any of those. Or is it?

Read here!  | Guardian  | complete

Read here!  | Influence  | complete

Choosing Legends

Read here!  | Hithsîr  | complete

Read here!  | Prince of Dol Guldur  | complete

Read here!  | Loyalty to Blood  | complete

Foul Winter

Defending Home

Read here!  | King's Guardian  | complete

Turn of a Tide


Prisoner of Heart


Read here!  | After the Council  | complete


First Impressions

Read here!  | The Marshes of the Dead  | complete

Read here!  | The Last Journey  | work in progress...


As the Green Leaves Fall

The Final Prayers

 read together... 

Read here!  | Re-match  | complete

Read here!  | Matching Again  | complete

Final Competition

Read here!  | Adar nîn  | complete

 Lord of War 

Read here!  | Can't Shake It Off  | complete

 Queer as Folk 

 read together... 

Read here!  | Briefly Yours  | on-going story

Read here!  | Always Mine  | on-going story

Read here!  | Dirty His  | on-going story


 Creator series 

The Avengers/Matrix fusion. Tony Stark helped create the AI. In return, he was kept safe during the Machine War – only to awaken to a world of a fragile Truce.

Read here!  | Creator, Avengers / Iron Man & Matrix  | complete

Read here!  | God Switch, Avengers / Iron Man & Matrix  | complete

Read here!  | Dark Iron, Avengers / Iron Man & Batman  | complete

Alexander the Great Avengers / Iron Man Heroes
The Lord of the Rings Lord of War Queer as Folk Crossovers
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