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Private Time
Fandom: Marvel Disk Wars: The Avengers
Genre: Drama, hurt/comfort
Rating: K+ / FRC
Characters: Akira Akatsuki, Pepper Potts, Tony Stark (Iron Man), featuring some of the other kids (Hikaru Akatsuki, Edward “Ed” Grant, Chris Taylor, Jessica Shannon) and Avengers (Bruce Banner (Hulk), Steve Rogers (Captain America), Thor, Janet van Dyne (Wasp)).
Pairings: Pepper/Tony
Summary: Akira helps Tony set up a meeting with Pepper, which is a bit strange, seeing as they are all staying in the same building. Also, D-Smashing Iron Man for a conversation seems a bit much, but Tony is insistent and Akira soon learns why. Kind of.
Written for: Hurt/Comfort Bingo’s round 5 card (prompt: “isolation”)
Warnings: Mild sexual content (kissing), general angst.

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