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Adhesion • Part 1: And... Action!

Story Info

Title: Adhesion

Author: Del Rion (delrion.mail (at)

Fandom: The Avengers (MCU)

Genre: Erotica

Rating: MA / FRAO

Characters: Clint Barton (Hawkeye), Phil Coulson, J.A.R.V.I.S., Tony Stark (Iron Man). Briefly mentioned: Tony’s bots (DUM-E and U).

Pairings: Clint/Tony, Clint/Phil/Tony

Summary: Clint and Tony make a very adult home video, then send it to Phil. Phil watches the video and gets frustrated. Frustration makes for great revenge sex.
Complete. Sequel to “Traction”.

Warnings: Sexual content (M/M, M/M/M, 69ing, anal sex, double (anal) penetration, blowjobs/handjobs, rimming, sex toys, very mild trichophilia (hair fetish)), language.

Disclaimer: Iron Man, Avengers, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and Marvel Cinematic Universe, including characters and everything else, belong to Marvel, Marvel Studios, Marvel Television, Jon Favreau, Joss Whedon, Shane Black, Paramount Pictures, Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures, ABC & Mutant Enemy. In short: I own nothing; this is pure fiction created to entertain likeminded fans for no profit whatsoever.

Beta: Mythra (mythras-fire)

About Adhesion: This story exists because there are ideas I can’t leave well enough alone. (Mainly, the promised sex tape.)

And because I got witty with the titles I just had to write Phil’s comeback.

(Largely ignoring “Captain America: The Winter Soldier” and most of “Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.” continuity.)

Chapters and statuses: Below you see the writing process of the story’s chapters. If there is no text after the chapter’s title, then it is finished and checked. Possible updates shall be marked after the title.

Part 1: And… Action!
Part 2: That’s a Wrap

Part 1: And… Action!

Clint sat in the common room of Stark Tower – although everyone knew what the single remaining ‘A’ of the broken sign outside stood for, and why it hadn’t been repaired. Far as he knew, the private upper floors were empty, save for himself and possibly Tony Stark, who had been in his lab for the last twelve hours.

When Tony finally migrated to the common floor, possibly in search of coffee and food, Clint snapped shut the book he had been reading to pass the time and followed the other man into the kitchen. His footfalls were quiet and he was fairly certain Tony was oblivious to his presence.

As expected, Tony set down coffee cups on the counter – not one or two cups but four – then went to take a look in the fridge. He clearly didn’t find whatever he was looking for and released a displeased huff. Leaning back and closing the door, Tony moved around – then visibly jumped when he realized Clint was standing five feet behind him.

“Fuck!” he exclaimed. A brief burst of fire-red danced beneath the skin of his face and Clint knew it wasn’t just an illusion. “You scared the crap out of me,” Tony glared at him next.

“Sorry,” Clint shrugged. “I have a question.”

Tony rolled his eyes a bit and dug into a cupboard by the fridge, pulling out a can of pineapple slices in juice, twisted the top open and dug in with a fork. “Uh huh,” he mumbled around a mouthful.

Clint showed no reaction to any of that. He had hung around here long enough to realize that there was a carefully polished image of Tony Stark that the world saw, filled with unruly behavior and shameless self-indulgence – and then there was the real Tony who usually followed a rather strict, healthy diet and got too involved in his work to actually indulge in most of the things people imagined he did in his free time.

Then there was the memory of Tony on his knees on that bed, his lips around Clint’s dick, and Clint focused on that while Tony sipped the pineapple juice out of the can and waited for him to go on. “Did you mean it, about making a sex tape?” Clint asked, knowing how to outwardly play it cool, although on the inside he was shifting nervously, not knowing how the situation was going to turn out. It always made him uncomfortable, not being able to predict the likeliest outcome.

His life these days was full of surprises, though, so he should just get used to that.

Tony lifted his head, abandoning the pineapple can for a bit – although he was still chewing on a piece of a slice. “The sex tape I suggested we should make in case Agent got too occupied with his new team?”


Tony brought the open can to his lips, drained the last of the juice from it, then popped the last slice into his mouth, leaving Clint waiting as he either thought it over or played for time. “Sure,” he finally answered, turning to place the four empty coffee cups in the sink, running some water into them, then opened the dishwasher and stuck them in there. “You want to do it now?” he asked next, shutting the dishwasher door and turning to look at Clint again.

Clint blinked, unable to cover up his shock. “Uh… Do you want to do it now?”

Tony shrugged like he was available to do sex tapes at any time. “I just figured that since you asked, you wanted to get it over with.”

“You’re sounding like it’s something unpleasant.”


“You’ve participated in filming unpleasant sex tapes?” Clint arched an eyebrow – then instantly regretted his question because the only kind of sex tape that might be considered unpleasant was very likely to be borderline blackmail material.

“Nah,” Tony shrugged again, busy wiping his hands on a paper towel. He gazed down at it, then almost meticulously started to straighten out the damp paper, folding it neatly, over and over, which was a feat in its current state. “Some people just think they can do it – until the camera starts rolling. And then there are people who know they won’t like it even before the camera’s been set up.”

“How do you feel about it?” Clint asked.

Tony met his gaze and unleashed a brilliant grin. “I look good on screen – with or without my clothes on.”

Clint rolled his eyes, already kind of hating himself for asking Tony to do this. However, Phil had been busy for weeks now, and all Clint could get his hands on were fragments of mission reports – none of them hinting that he would get a chance to see Phil soon.

“You could just call him, like a normal person,” Tony suggested next. “Tell him you miss him, that kind of thing. Or send him a memo. He seems like a memo kind of guy.”

“Or we could just film him a porno movie,” Clint countered.

“Or that,” Tony grinned again. “I’m wondering whether you’re simply finding that option the most appealing – or if you’re just looking forward to getting naked with me.”

Clint didn’t waste his breath confirming or denying something they both knew to be true. “Do you still want to do it right away?” he asked instead.

“Why not,” Tony agreed – and gave Clint a critical look. “If we do this, I want it done right.”


“We clean up. We also get proper cameras to film the action, check the perfect angles, and find a set that works.”

For some reason Clint had thought they were just going to sit a camera down on a shelf, hit ‘REC’ and go for it. Then again, this was Tony Stark; Tony had already starred in home-made sex tapes, and he was awfully fond of top-of-the-line tech, most of which was crafted by his own hands. Tony also liked to put on a performance, which was probably why Clint was giving this a chance to begin with.

“Fine,” he agreed.

“J.A.R.V.I.S.,” Tony spoke up an instant later. “Prep the spare bedroom by the shop. Have the bots clear it out and get some of those nice sheets for the bed.”

“Of course, sir,” Tony’s AI responded from the built-in speakers in the kitchen. “Would you like U to hold the camera for you?”

Tony grimaced. “Uh, no. The bots are too young to see what we’re about to do. I think you’d better do the honors and catch the show.”

“Actually, sir, I am younger than the bots.”

Tony rolled his eyes. “Okay, so you’re the younger, responsible sibling who matured too fast. Satisfied?”

“Naturally, sir. Everything will be prepared by the time you’re ready.”

“You do this often?” Clint had to ask.

“J.A.R.V.I.S. has… Let’s just say he’s caught just about everything on camera by now,” Tony confessed. “Mostly because he runs the security at my houses.”

“I believe having sex with another man is far from the most embarrassing thing I’ve caught – and recorded – you doing, sir,” J.A.R.V.I.S. noted.

“Sex isn’t embarrassing,” Tony argued. “It can be a little humiliating, on occasion, for various reasons, but I refuse to be embarrassed in my own bedroom!” The AI didn’t disagree and Tony snapped his fingers a couple times, then looked at Clint again. “We want to do this right, right?”

“I suppose,” Clint replied, squaring his shoulders. “We are making a statement, after all. Showing Phil what he’s missing.”

“Quite right,” Tony smiled. “And show him we will.” He did the snapping thing again, then moved away from the counter. “Let’s get this show on the road.”

Clint recalled something about ‘cleaning up’, so he followed Tony, seeing as he hadn’t been given instructions to reconvene at a certain time in the location Tony had chosen for their activities. They went to Tony’s floor and entered the master bathroom – there was no other word for it; the bathroom was large and spacious, but instead of golden faucets and shallow little details, it was simplistic and tasteful, with ambient lights, shelves full of products – most of which were, surprisingly, used to remove stains from skin and fabric – and a vast collection of carefully organized first aid supplies that could have been used to patch up most of the team after a battle. Or, as the case probably was, just Tony; it was a known fact Iron Man ran more ops than the rest of the Avengers.

“I need a shower,” Tony declared and started stripping. He didn’t smell, exactly, but he looked like he would need to use some of that heavy-duty soap to get the oil stains off his skin.

Clint wondered what he was supposed to do: he had just showered a couple hours ago after working out, so he didn’t think he needed more of that. Tony made no suggestions, either, as he flung his clothes to the side and stepped into the showering area. There was no curtain or door, but the spray of water seemed to be aimed in a way that it didn’t wet the entire room.

Either Tony didn’t find it weird that he was showering with another man in the room or he deemed bashfulness unnecessary since they had already seen each other naked. Because he had nothing better to do, Clint leaned against a counter and watched. It wasn’t erotic, per se, to watch another man clean himself up. Tony’s motions were precise, not putting on a show – not until he had washed himself and squirted just a little bit of body wash on his fingers, reached behind himself, and without much hesitation started rubbing at his ass.

Clint didn’t start or theatrically lose his balance, but he grew a lot more interested in what the other man was doing, more than just superficially. Tony threw him a look after a bit, eyes blinking rapidly against errant drops of water. “Top drawer on the left; give me the vibe that’s inside it.”

That made Clint start, just a little, but he turned and tugged open the top drawer on the far left, and on top of a few innocently folded towels sat a smooth, hot pink vibrator. It was barely an inch wide, and Clint lifted it up with a questioning look on his face.

“Yeah, that,” Tony nodded, drawing his fingers from his ass and cleaning them under the spray of water.

“Does it even get you excited?” Clint had to ask as he handed the toy over.

Tony chuckled. “I don’t want to get too excited right now. We’re saving it for the camera, correct? But, since you asked: it gets the job done. I designed the insides of this baby, and trust me, it will get me nice and relaxed and when we get in front of the camera, you can just slide right in.” He gave Clint a look. “Assuming that you’re going to do that.”

“Maybe.” Clint didn’t want to seem too eager but he would be lying if he said he hadn’t been thinking about it – after seeing Phil fuck Tony. It was just comparison and wanting some of what his boyfriend had already sampled.

Tony slid the toy inside himself and did something near its base to turn it on; Clint could hear the light buzzing sound and Tony’s eyes closed for a bit, head falling forward. It looked awkward, the way Tony had to reach too far back in order to move the vibrator. Even though Clint liked to just watch, he decided he would have to get naked soon, anyway, and started taking off his clothes while Tony was focused on what he was doing. Relaxing, he had said. Well, he certainly wasn’t fucking himself wild with the toy.

Clint figured it wouldn’t hurt to get a bit cleaner, especially when Tony would be coming out freshly showered. So, he put his clothes aside and walked to the side of the shower, sliding his right hand down to squeeze around Tony’s fingers where he was gripping the vibrator. “Allow me,” he offered, and Tony let go, his stance changing a little now that he didn’t have to be in a slightly bent position to reach behind himself.

The vibrator slid in smoothly, with just a little bit of resistance. It was probably the lack of actual lube, because every time Clint pushed the vibrator deep enough for his fingers to come in contact with Tony’s asshole he was fairly certain the man could take a bit more than the toy.

Knowing this wasn’t the main act, Clint slowed down a bit, feeling around the controls. He slowed the vibrations down to a minimum, receiving a disappointed huff from Tony. Clint knew he didn’t have to tell the older man to keep it slow for now, instead allowing his left hand to trail down between Tony’s buttocks, to feel up the ring of muscle as it remained stretched around the vibrator. It wasn’t much, but Tony’s skin was so much warmer there, and Clint couldn’t resist angling his fingers and pushing one inside beside the toy.

The immediate rise in temperature caught him by surprise and he groaned, pushing his face against Tony’s shoulder. “Were you this hot before, or did that start after the Extremis?”

Tony didn’t offer him a verbal answer but simply clenched his ass, as if to make a point. “Time to finish getting cleaned up.”

Clint moved back, taking the vibrator with him and turning it off. Tony turned and took the toy from him, cleaning it under the water. Clint took a moment to wash his genital area, swiping soapy fingers across his own hole while Tony was busy. Just because he wasn’t into something didn’t mean he wanted to be dirty down there. Besides, one never knew just what ideas Tony was going to get in his head …

Tony turned the water off with a flick of his wrist then moved to towel off. He offered Clint a spare towel and put the vibrator back in its place in the drawer.

“Should we plan what we’re going to do?” Clint asked as he dried his hair.

“Probably,” Tony agreed, meeting his gaze through the mirror. “How do you feel about 69?”

“I can do that,” he nodded.

“How about fucking me?”

This time, Clint offered him a shark grin. “It’s my turn, isn’t it?”

“And here I was thinking you were saving that for when the Agent joins us next time,” Tony joked.

“Knowing our schedules, that could be a while – and it doesn’t mean I can’t fuck you then, too,” Clint reasoned, then added: “You can call him Phil, you know.”

“I know I can,” Tony replied. “I just choose not to.”

It sounded like there was a story behind it but Clint didn’t ask.

Tony checked himself in the big mirror, front and back. He stopped preening long enough to brush his fingers across his hair which was mostly dry now, cut almost too short to hold. “Guess we’re good to go,” he mused once he was done and glanced at Clint – then pointedly lowered his eyes to Clint’s half-hard dick. He made no comment, though – mostly because he was just about as excited after playing with the vibrator.

Before he moved to leave the bathroom, Tony wrapped his towel around his waist, and Clint chose to do the same, recalling that the room Tony had wanted to use was near his workshop – meaning that they were going to the next floor. While they were the only Avengers in the Tower at this time, Clint didn’t want to wander around the hallways naked.

When they got to the bedroom, Clint braced himself for anything. The doorway was wide, which suggested the bedroom might not have started as one, and as they approached, the door opened and Tony’s bots rolled out, chirping in greeting.

“All done?” Tony asked, taking a look inside. One of the bots turned, as if to go back inside, but Tony motioned with his hand. “Good enough. Next time, please try not to make the bed, guys: I can do that.”

Clint succeeded in not reacting to that statement, supposing that was just another thing he hadn’t expected to learn about Tony. Then again, just because Tony claimed he knew how to make a bed didn’t mean he actually did it.

Inside, the bedroom was spacious and minimalistic in its furnishing; there was nothing but the bed, a single night stand and double doors on the wall opposite from the doorway which probably hid closet space behind them. There wasn’t even an en-suite bathroom, which was odd.

“This really is a spare bedroom, isn’t it?” Clint noted.

“Easy for me to crash in, to catch a few hours of sleep in the middle of a project,” Tony confessed, moving to the bed that looked like a couple five-year-olds had been trying to get the sheets tucked in – or, two bots with just claws to grip things with. Tony went around the bed, straightening the sheets, and Clint let him do it, hanging by the door.

“I hope everything is to your satisfaction, sir,” J.A.R.V.I.S. spoke up.

“Show me camera positions,” Tony replied, yanking the top sheet one last time and then standing straight, somehow managing to keep his towel wrapped around his waist the entire time. At the foot of the bed, the entire wall lit up, startling Clint, and several small screens appeared on it. It was like walking into a house of mirrors, the cameras catching the room from dozens of angles – all in high definition.

Tony’s lips twitched and he glanced at Clint. “You look so spooked. Smile for the cameras.”

Clint suddenly wished they would have done this the old-fashioned way. “Which angle do you think works best?” he asked.

Tony made a dismissive sound. “J.A.R.V.I.S. will record them all at once – also, there are a few adjustable cameras… just like that,” he grinned, and one of the screens looked like the camera had suddenly circulated Clint’s face. It was probably a combination of several cameras but the transition was so smooth Clint couldn’t catch it.

“Are you sure your AI wants to participate in this?” Clint asked. He knew J.A.R.V.I.S. and Tony were tight – as in, extremely close, not to mention they seemed to have their own language sometimes, and they even shared the suits in a sense.

“I am touched by your concern, Agent Barton,” J.A.R.V.I.S. replied. “However, I do not feel any of the human emotions that would be associated with a task such as this. Besides, I have witnessed worse things.”

“See?” Tony raised an eyebrow at Clint and waved his hand. The wall went blank again but Clint had a feeling the cameras were still rolling. “How about we get to it – or are you losing your –”

“No,” Clint replied sharply and tugged off his towel to prove himself. His erection had flagged a bit at the delay but a few precise strokes had it hardening in no time and Tony didn’t bother teasing him. Instead the man turned to go to the doors on the back wall and opened one. He pulled various items off the shelves, tossing them onto the bed: small towels, wet wipes and lube. Why he had those things here, Clint didn’t know – nor did he ask whether the bots had just stocked the shelves. No matter who was older and what they had witnessed during their lifespan, he knew he was better off not thinking about it.

To busy himself, Clint took his abandoned towel, folded it on a low stool that fit beneath the nightstand, then reached out for the wet wipes Tony had procured and placed them on top of the nightstand; he expected they would need the lube first, so he left that where it was lying on the bed.

Tony searched for something more in the cabinet then half-turned and snapped his fingers. “Where are the condoms?”

“There were none in the workshop, sir,” his AI replied.

Tony sighed and glanced at Clint. “So, either we take each other on our word that we’re clean, or I go get some.”

Clint knew he was clean, plus he didn’t think Tony could contract anything anymore now that he had Extremis in his system, but this little movie venture of theirs was supposed to make Phil hot under the collar and the man was a stickler for safety measures. “Go get some,” he said, and Tony nodded, walking to the door and exiting.

While he waited, Clint tried not to feel self-conscious. He kept stroking his cock and wondered if this was actually a pretty realistic take on what making a real porn movie was like. The set needed to be prepped…

Tony returned soon after. He didn’t appear like he had been running – that may have been a little too eager for someone Tony’s age – and he had a cardboard box in his hands which hopefully contained condoms. The box itself looked fairly ordinary, almost understated, designed not to draw attention. Why was it, then, that Clint had a hard time looking away from it, as if it were Pandora’s Box itself?

“Relax,” Tony told him as he put the box on the nightstand beside the wet wipes, then turned to look at Clint. “Not too relaxed,” he added, a smile playing on his lips.

Slowly, almost calculatingly, Tony took a step forward, and for the first time since they were in the bathroom his towel showed signs of slipping; Clint’s eyes tracked the agonizingly slow process of the white material escaping from its fold, parting and then slipping down Tony’s thighs to pool at his feet. If Clint hadn’t known better, he would have thought it was staged.

“I would tell you my eyes are up here, but seeing as that’s not on the agenda tonight…”

Clint checked his eyes anyway, for some reason expecting something other than the dark brown. “Should we get started?” he asked, hating how nervous he felt. Not nervous enough to back down, but it was bizarre how cautiously he was acting, seeing as he had participated in planning this and was totally on board with the idea.

Tony gave him a brief, almost tender smile. “Relax,” he said again, took a few more steps to close the distance between them – while Clint stood ramrod straight – and then Tony was there, their chests brushing together. The engineer’s fingers were clever and calloused, teasing the skin of Clint’s waist, sides, back and shoulders as if he were looking for something. Clint was distracted by the fingers, waiting to see where they were headed, which left him totally vulnerable to Tony’s lips on his, Tony’s tongue pressing advantage immediately when Clint wasn’t fast enough to parry the entry to his mouth.

It occurred to him that neither he nor Phil had kissed Tony during their first time together. He had had the man’s lips around his cock, but he was starting to see Tony’s reputation as a playboy wasn’t just a status symbol he liked to throw around: he knew how to kiss. More importantly, he knew how to kiss and make Clint relax into it, not making it lewd or crowding. Most people kissed either hesitantly or like their life depended on it, with too much intent to make it worth savoring, but Tony knew when to slow down and leave Clint room to participate.

Clint definitely felt it in his dick by the time they parted to breathe properly, and he moved his hand to stroke himself, fingers occasionally bumping against Tony’s hard-on.

“Shall we move onto the bed?” Tony asked.

Clint nodded and moved to get a couple condoms from the box. Inside, the slim packets rested inside sections, wrapped in different colors. Flavors, Clint realized – as well a non-flavored selection. He picked vanilla for himself, knowing it was pleasant enough, and remembering what Tony liked, he chose a mint flavored condom as his second choice.

Tony had sat down on the edge of the bed, casually stroking himself. He checked the condoms in Clint’s grip once he turned and smiled, reaching out. Clint offered him the vanilla flavored one and watched as Tony opened the foil wrapper with ease then rolled the thin latex down his shaft. Not wanting to be left behind, Clint hurried to follow his lead – then found Tony grabbing his hand before he could place the condom on his cock.

Their eyes met, and Clint knew that look from before. He shifted the condom in his fingers and allowed Tony to take it, watched him place it in his mouth – then slide it over his cock. Just like the first time, the application felt intense, and this time it would be caught on camera; Phil had probably missed the show last time.

Tony rolled down the condom carefully, the drag of his lips pleasant on Clint’s shaft, tongue correcting the roll of latex a little bit on the way down. After a few seconds Tony backed up again, smoothing the latex properly into place. For a moment it looked like Tony might go on, but they had a plan and Clint was going to stick to it: he pushed Tony back, urging him up on the bed, then followed him and turned around.

It could have been awkward, staring at another man’s crotch and trying to think of how to start, but Tony had no such qualms; his head shot up, lips wrapping around Clint’s cock, making it easy to decide to do the same. Clint knew his technique wasn’t as solid as Tony’s, but his fingers knew what they were doing when they grasped the other man, pumping his cock as he sucked and tongued at the tip.

Tony moaned against him – around him – loud enough to make Clint wonder if he was putting on an act for the cameras. Seeing as they were making a movie, Clint supposed they just needed to look good, but at the same time he knew that Phil would know if they were just faking it and he tried to increase his efforts to make sure Tony wasn’t moaning in vain. When Clint took the fingers of his free hand to Tony’s ass and teased at his hole, he was fairly certain the breathy groan was enthusiastic and very real.

“Get the lube,” Tony ordered before his tongue went back to wrapping around Clint’s dick, then moved down the shaft to pay attention to his balls. It distracted Clint for a moment as he tried to locate the lube, then found it on the bed and snatched it up. Tony started suckling at his balls as Clint tried to work the cap of the lube open; it was a lot more satisfying to grind his hips down towards the other man’s face than focus on the task at hand.

He managed to get the lube open and a couple fingers of his right hand coated without squirting half the tube onto the bed. Tony’s mouth returned briefly to his cock, one hand guiding it to his mouth for a couple bobs of his head, and then he moved up again – or down, depending on how one was looking at it.

Clint slid a lubed finger inside Tony’s ass just as the other man’s tongue teased behind his balls. Guessing he might as well consider it, Clint adjusted his position, sitting up a little – making it ridiculously easy for Tony to complete his path to his asshole and give him a first, tentative lick. It felt good, Clint knew that much from experience, and he braced himself, enjoying the other man’s attention, a finger still inside Tony.

With Tony’s hands on his hips, keeping him in place and his cheeks spread open, Clint was left yearning for a touch on his own cock. He brought his left hand up briefly, stroking himself, then rewarded Tony with a few pulls as well while he continued to tease his ass with the single finger. Tony wasn’t tight or tense, as if playing with the slim vibrator earlier had been enough to make him relax.

Content that Tony was ready, Clint pulled out his finger and leaned down, sucking Tony as he pulled up his own hips, trying to signal that he was ready to move on. Tony let go of his ass, briefly nipping Clint’s right cheek while he could still reach it, as if saying goodbye.

Not wanting to dally, Clint straightened and moved off Tony, glancing down at the older man lying on his back. While that would have worked just as well, they were filming porn and Clint knew what he wanted to do, especially with the multiple camera angles. “Turn around,” he told Tony, making a swirling motion with his finger to guide him towards the edge of the bed.

Tony turned to his stomach without protest and Clint took a second to check out his backside.

“Lift your hips up,” he ordered, palming the tube of lube again to add some extra lubrication to his cock. “Higher,” he added after Tony simply pulled his knees under him.

The brunette gave him a look then raised his hips higher still, and Clint reached over to the nightstand to find a wet wipe and quickly cleaned his fingers. He inched over to Tony once he was done and leaned down over him, grabbing the back of his neck and steadily pushed his head down to the mattress.

“I’m going to fuck your ass now,” Clint told him, a bit more gruffly than was necessary.

Tony didn’t wriggle his ass in response – nor did he make a comment or roll his eyes. Taking that as an encouragement, Clint put his right foot on the floor and the left on the bed, the position bringing him a little above Tony’s raised hips. The bed was low and sturdy, taking his weight without complaint, and Clint didn’t waste any time grabbing his cock and dragging it across Tony’s crack a few times before pushing steadily into him.

There was a flash of heat, as if Tony wasn’t as prepared for this as he pretended to be, but when it transformed into steady warmth and pressure all around Clint’s cock, squeezing him just right, Clint dropped his hips down against the upturned ass, groaning and hanging his head a little, savoring the first push; not just an easy slide but actually feeling like he was conquering new territory.

Beneath him, Tony shifted slightly, but he didn’t lift his head from the bed or lower his hips. If possible, he managed to hike his ass a little higher, and Clint took it as a hint to move. He had to raise himself up in order to pull out, but he knew from watching porn that the visuals would be pretty awesome. Besides, it didn’t take him long to figure out that every time he dropped his weight against Tony in a way that may have actually been painful or uncomfortable, he got a deep, guttural groan in response and Clint bet he was hitting the other man’s prostate dead on when that happened.

He sawed in and out, the angle making Tony’s body squeeze around him deliciously. It was a damn good workout, too, making his body sweat and ache a bit, but it made chasing his orgasm so much more rewarding. Tony’s hand sneaked between his legs eventually, to stroke himself, and Clint didn’t bother stopping him because there was no way they were making an extended edition of this home movie.

Tony’s breaths changed a little, a chant of ‘fuck’ and ‘yes’ chorusing Clint’s motions, and then Tony came, quite unexpectedly even though Clint had known he was getting closer; his body clamped around Clint’s cock almost furiously, his stance faltering, and Clint pulled out, watching Tony’s asshole spasm with the last twitches of his orgasm.

Almost as soon as Tony dropped down from his high he rolled back towards the center of the bed, looking up at Clint. It would have been easy for Tony to lose interest in what was happening but instead he sat up like a trooper and moved to sit on the side of the bed. He eyed Clint’s cock with clear intent, and deciding that he might get lucky yet, Clint tugged off the condom and flung it to the side to be retrieved later.

Tony didn’t wait for him to put on another one: he reached up, starting to jerk him, and Clint realized he was precariously close to an orgasm. He felt it starting to roll closer, like the quickening of a drumbeat, and Tony’s fingers knew just how to stroke him, from root to tip, fast but not too fast, tight but not squeezing to delay the gratification.

Clint got an awesome idea just as he felt the pressure shifting inside him, grabbing onto his cock with one hand, forcing Tony to let go – and jerked himself through his climax, a few shots ending right where he was aiming them, on Tony’s face.

To his credit, Tony didn’t grimace. He didn’t open his mouth and stick out his tongue, either – nor did he lick the jizz from his face afterwards.

With a final, lazy pull of his hand, Clint decided he was done and let go of his cock, taking a proper look at the pearly fluid – some of which was sliding down Tony’s cheek, precariously close to the corner of his mouth. While any man enjoyed cum shots to a degree, it looked strangely appealing in the mix of goatee and skin.

Guessing it was time for the grand finale, Clint leaned in, took Tony’s face in his hands and proceeded to lick most of the semen from his face in two broad swipes of his tongue – then kissed Tony on the mouth, the other’s lips instantly opening to admit his tongue. That kind of messed up the whole safe sex thing, but Clint knew he was healthy and anything his system could offer at its best would barely make Extremis snort with pity.

When they drew apart, Tony grinned a bit. “I didn’t expect that,” he admitted and drew his hand across his wet cheek.

“You’ve still got some…” Clint gestured and Tony tried to locate the last specks of cum, but eventually Clint took a wet wipe and cleaned his face for him – even though Tony could have just gone to the nearest mirror or bathroom to take care of it.

“Not bad,” Tony decided, and it somehow wasn’t awkward between them.

Now it was all a matter of editing the movie and sending it to Phil before Clint had time to regret this.

to be continued…


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