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Adhesion • Part 2: That's a Wrap

Part 2: That’s a Wrap

Aboard S.H.I.E.L.D. Globemaster
aka “The Bus”

Phil Coulson closed the door of his office, rounded the desk and logged onto his computer to check his messages. There was only one, sent a few hours ago. It was from Clint.

He opened it, finding a video attachment and three lines of text saying:

Thinking of you.

(Not safe for work.)

-You know who we are

Phil frowned and clicked on the video, letting it load. It was a large file, and once it was ready to play, the file asked for verbal verification that it was him watching it.

“Please state your name,” the video requested. There was something in the wording that reminded Phil of Tony Stark’s private AI.

“Phil Coulson,” he said, wondering if there was a password.

There wasn’t.

The video started to play, immediately giving him a full view of Clint and Tony kissing, naked.

Phil felt heat rise to his cheeks and moved to close the video, taking a careful breath. Well, Clint’s message had warned him that this wasn’t safe for work… Phil just hadn’t anticipated he meant it so literally.

Debating his options, Phil glanced at the video again. The duration of the entire thing was almost an hour, and the brief glimpse he had gotten suggested high definition sound and image.

Coming to a decision, Phil downloaded the file to his tablet, then left his office and went down to the living area. “I’ll be in my bunk,” he called out to whoever might be listening before slipping into his bedroom and firmly shutting the door. He fished out some headphones, settled down on his bed – and knowing that it was inevitable, he undid his belt, unzipped his pants and hit ‘play’. It was still uncertain whether he would end up enjoying or regretting watching the video.

Stark Tower

“Welcome, Agent Coulson,” J.A.R.V.I.S. greeted Phil upon his entrance to the elevator.

“Thank you,” he replied. “Am I being expected?”

“I have informed Mr. Stark of your arrival to the Tower. Agent Barton is, for the time being, unaware. Shall I inform him as well?”

“Not yet,” Phil decided. “Take me to whichever floor Mr. Stark is on right now.”

He ended up a couple floors beneath Tony’s residential floor, which meant he was in the workshop. Phil crossed the hallway from the elevator and was allowed inside the workshop area once he reached the door, the music dropping in volume when he stepped over the threshold.

“You’re a few days late,” Tony informed him, bent over something laid out on a workbench.

“I am?” Phil stopped and cocked an eyebrow although Tony was facing away from him.

Tony made a distracted sound, his fingers working on what looked like a complex cluster of circuitry and wires from some part of the armor. Beside him, one of his two bots hovered, pointing a light at what he was doing. “I thought we would reel you in faster,” Tony went on after a while, “with the video and all,” he finished, straightening and turning around, leaning his hip against the bench. “Did you like it?”

“Whose idea was it to make it?” Phil asked.

“Barton’s,” Tony replied.

Of course, the original idea had been Tony’s; Phil remembered the verbal dare, voiced right after their first time together. Clint hadn’t commented on it then, but clearly he had considered it and agreed with the idea later on. Phil couldn’t say he was entirely surprised.

Phil nodded, walking closer to Tony. “I’m here now,” he said needlessly.

“So you are,” the engineer agreed. “However, why you’re in my workshop and not on Barton’s floor is a mystery.”

Phil smiled as he stopped barely a foot from the other man. “Are you available?”

“Right now?” Tony asked. “Sure.”

“You’re not in the middle of something?”

Tony shook his head.

“Good,” Phil decided, then reached into the inside pocket of his jacket, removing an object wrapped in a cloth. He unwrapped it deftly, revealing a butt plug.

Tony’s eyes zeroed in on the toy – then glanced at his jacket as if expecting something else to appear from within. “One of these days, I want to see someone give you a pat down.”

Phil didn’t grace him with an answer, instead digging into another pocket for lube. Of course he could have found both items – especially the lube – in the Tower, but it would have ruined the element of surprise. He wanted Tony on his toes. “Turn around and lower your pants.”

“Don’t I even get a kiss first?” Tony challenged.

Placing both items in his left hand, Phil closed the distance between them, grabbed the back of Tony’s head with his right one and pulled him into a hard kiss that didn’t have any teeth in it yet still conveyed that Phil had been very frustrated after watching the video.

When they pulled apart, Tony blinked and turned around, wordlessly yanking his pants and underwear down past his hips. Phil didn’t waste time with pleasantries, knowing that they were both looking forward to the same thing: he uncapped the lube, slicked up a couple fingers, then waited for the substance to warm a little before moving the fingers between Tony’s ass cheeks, easily finding his hole as Tony proceeded to lean over the work bench.

With the easier access, Phil slid a finger inside, then another, Tony’s body tightening for a moment before he sighed and leaned a bit lower, making himself relax and ease the grip of his inner muscles on Phil’s fingers.

Phil kept away from Tony’s prostate, working to slick him up and relax him sufficiently enough to slide the plug inside. Once he picked up the toy and aligned it for entrance, it took a couple tries before Tony let it into his body without a fight. Once the toy settled, Phil gripped its base and shifted it around, hoping it would help Tony ease into the sensation of it.

Tony groaned. “If you’re done playing, I suggest you keep you hands away for a bit.”

Phil did as he was told and went to wash his hands in a nearby sink, being very thorough and giving Tony time to straighten himself out and pull up his briefs and pants again.

“So, what’s the plan?” Tony asked promptly, carefully seating himself on the edge of the work bench. The pressure on the plug made him shift around a little, either in an effort to get comfortable or tease himself: there was no hiding that he had enjoyed the procedure of inserting the toy, even when Phil hadn’t paid extra attention to making it pleasurable.

“That’s for me to know and you to find out,” Phil told him and picked up the lube. “Come on.” He left the workshop, knowing that Tony would follow. The other man did – after ordering J.A.R.V.I.S. to shut down most of the machines – joining Phil in the hallway.

“Did you know we filmed out little home video in that room?” Tony pointed as they passed a door close to the workshop.

“Are you giving me a tour?” Phil challenged, trying to sound uninterested.

Tony frowned, clearly trying to gauge his mood. “You liked the video, right?”

“What’s not to like?” Phil admitted as they reached the elevator. “Two people that I’ve enjoyed sexual intercourse with,” he added, making Tony roll his eyes. “The only thing missing was me.”

“That’s kind of the point of the film,” Tony retorted, inching closer to him for extra contact. “Now that you’re here, we can make a sequel –”

“No,” Phil said, tight and fast like a whip lashing out.

Tony’s frown was adorably real. “And here I was thinking that was why you had a plug in your jacket pocket.”

The elevator arrived at their floor and Phil slid his hand around Tony’s waist, guiding them both inside it. As he pressed the button for Clint’s floor, his hand dropped to Tony’s ass, pressing against it and between the cheeks to nudge the plug and grind it back and forth. “I don’t like being filmed,” he said simply, and Tony pressed against his side, seeking a little relief by humping Phil’s thigh. The agent allowed it, seeing as he was still toying with the plug.

“No one else would have to see that video,” Tony tried to convince him.

“Just enjoy the live presentation,” Phil ordered and stepped out of the elevator as it stopped, drawing Tony along.

Clint was just coming out of his small kitchen, a bowl of noodle soup in his grip. He halted at the sight of the two of them and sucked a noodle into his mouth. “Hey,” he said, licking his lips. “Didn’t know you were in town.”

“I’m here,” Phil shrugged. “Also,” he added, lifting his hand from Tony’s ass to his neck and proceeded to push the man onto his knees on the floor with a precise application of force and pressure that left Tony grunting, “I watched the video you sent me,” he finished, looking at his long-time lover.

Clint’s eyes checked Tony on the floor, then rose up to meet Phil’s gaze. “Did you like it?” he asked, absently stirring the soup with the chopsticks.

“It had some very nice angles,” Phil admitted.

Clint grinned. “I knew you would like that.”

“Mission accomplished,” Tony noted from the floor, fidgeting and trying to get back to his feet but Phil kept his hand on Tony’s neck, shifting his balance so that Tony couldn’t find his footing. “This is the part where you can congratulate me on my brilliant idea of bringing you together –”

Phil’s fingers tightened on the back of his neck and Tony cut himself off.

“What’s all this?” Clint ask, gesturing at the two of them with the chopsticks.

“A sign of my appreciation – not to mention my frustration,” Phil revealed and lifted his hand a little, carding his fingers through Tony’s hair. “It’s been a very hard week,” he added. “I found it hard to focus, yet I had to, and I have spent so many moments debating whom to blame for it.”

“Blame him,” Clint pointed at Tony with the chopsticks.

“Hey!” Tony snapped and Phil had to drop his hand back to his neck to keep him from launching to his feet.

“It was your idea, originally,” Clint replied.

“And it worked,” Tony narrowed his eyes, no doubt taking umbrage at the fact that his brilliance wasn’t being appreciated.

“Be that as it may,” Phil cut in and moved to stand behind Tony, “we’re all here now and I think it’s safe for us to take this to the next level.” He looked at Clint. “Put the noodles away.”

“Okay,” Clint responded and disappeared into the kitchen, coming back without the bowl. “Now what?”

Phil smiled and positioned his left foot between Tony’s legs, then brought it up, gently. He couldn’t feel his crotch through his shoe but he knew the moment he pushed up against the man’s balls, cock, and possibly the base of the plug, too. For extra balance, Phil placed both hands on Tony’s shoulders, keeping him down and allowing his foot to tease him further.

“We’ve been exclusive for years,” Phil mused out loud as Tony’s breaths grew a bit noisier. “Save for the inclusion of Tony, it’s been just us.”

“Yeah,” Clint agreed, moving in closer.

“Also, we know Extremis keeps him from contracting any diseases known to man.”

It was easy to tell Clint instantly knew what he meant. His hands dropped to his jeans, pulled them open and tugged his cock and balls free of his boxers, his hand stroking himself enthusiastically. Tony tensed, briefly, then relaxed, and Phil dug his fingers into the man’s shoulders, easing the rest of the tension there.

“One last thing,” Phil added.

Clint nodded and looked down at Tony, who was staring at his cock. “Stark,” Clint spoke up, to get his attention, then added more softly: “Is this okay, Tony?”

Tony looked up and blinked. “Are you going to come on my face again?” he asked, which made Phil want to grind his hips against the back of Tony’s head. He lifted his foot, pointedly stroking it back and forth, and Tony’s hips started to move along with it. “Yes,” Tony finally spat out. “Gimme,” he added, lifted his right hand to tug Clint closer by his jeans, and Phil had a very good angle to witness the genius’ tongue curling across the head of Clint’s dick just moments before he slid his lips over the faintly jerking flesh.

Clint groaned and thrust in, faster than was appropriate or necessary. Tony’s head jerked back a little, a gagging sound escaping him. However, he didn’t back off entirely, and Clint eased up a little, thrusting more shallowly. Once they had established a rhythm and both of Tony’s hands were on Clint’s hips, making sure he didn’t go crazy with his thrusts, Clint looked up at Phil.

“I missed you,” Phil murmured and leaned in. Clint met him in a kiss, and it wasn’t as hard as the one Phil had shared with Tony: this one was passionate and trusting, Clint’s irregular panting breaking the pace but Phil enjoyed the fact that his lover was enjoying himself. Tony continued to grind down against his foot and Phil started to worry they were getting off to a very uneven start.

“Pull your cock out,” Clint murmured against his lips, stopping every other word to press a kiss to them.

“And if I do?” Phil taunted – not that he wasn’t going to, because that was the point, but he wanted to hear Clint’s answer; they got together so rarely these days that just simply having sex felt almost disappointing. Well, not while they were having said sex, but Phil wanted to make it more exciting.

“I’ll stroke it,” Clint promised, biting Phil’s lower lip for a moment while his brain came up with something even better: “I’ll stroke it and you can grind it into Stark’s hair, make it into a fucking mess…”

The indignant noise that came from Tony was almost completely muffled by Clint’s cock, but it didn’t sound like a total refusal either.

“Then, when you’re leaking pre cum all over yourself, you’ll smear it all over his cheek and pull his mouth from my dick to get it on yours,” Clint finished, a grin pulling at his lips.

“And what does Tony get?” Phil asked, because the third man wasn’t here simply to satisfy them.

Clint looked down at the bobbing head. Tony was going a bit slower now, as if he, too, was listening. “He looks so frustrated, trying to suffocate himself on my dick and rubbing off on your shoe like he’s trying to shine it. I might get down there, while he’s going down on you, and suck him in return because, fuck, he’s fucking amazing.” Tony must have appreciated Clint’s suggestion and Phil had a sudden craving to have those lips wrapped around his own cock, too.

However, waiting was part of the game and so he moved one hand from Tony’s shoulder, opening his pants and dragging his cock out – and just as Clint had promised, the archer’s hand was instantly there, calloused fingers jerking him so well, so thoroughly, that Phil was certain he could come in just a few seconds.

He was more experienced than that, though, and confidently jerked his hips forward. Clint grinned, leaning in for another kiss, simultaneously adjusting his grip and dragging the sensitive head of Phil’s cock across strands of hair on the top of Tony’s head. It felt weird and pleasant at the same time, and Phil shuffled forward a little until he couldn’t get any closer.

Clint took that as a sign to keep doing what he was doing – which was kissing Phil and jerking his cock in the immediate vicinity of Tony’s hair, and more often than not he would twist Phil’s cock just so that he could rub it into the hair that was surprisingly soft, not to mention addictive to touch. It was like scratching a phantom itch and Phil began to jerk his hips, the sensation growing, intensifying, and Clint eventually stopped pretending it was accidental or unintended.

Tony was the one to stop it, pushing Clint’s hips back to free his mouth. He gasped at first, to get a proper lungful of air, then batted at Clint’s hand where it was stroking Phil’s cock. “That’s gross, seriously.”

“You would have washed your hair anyway,” Clint stated, pointedly grinding Phil’s cock against the brown strands near Tony’s right temple.

Tony shifted to the side and Phil’s cock poked his ear and cheek. “You don’t know where my hair’s been,” Tony mused, as if in warning, but it looked clean enough.

Clint scoffed and slid his fingers around the base of Phil’s cock, using his hold to tap the hard flesh against Tony’s cheek. “You haven’t sucked him before,” he said, as if remembering it for the first time.

Phil, for his part, had no trouble remembering it, and he stepped around Tony, bringing himself beside Clint. Their cocks hung out of their pants, hard and red, and Tony gave them both an eyeful before lifting his hands to stroke them both.

“Oh, I know,” Tony mused in a belated answer to Clint’s statement. “I should make it special for him.”

“You could let him fuck your hair,” Clint suggested.

Phil slapped him upside the head. “I don’t want to fuck your hair,” he told Tony.

“I’m glad – although now my hair’s offended,” Tony joked – then leaned in and took Phil all the way in, as if he had been born to do it, and it was all wet, warm pressure, his tongue shifting against the underside of his cock and Phil had to steady himself by leaning on Clint.

Tony began slowly moving up his shaft, sucking and rubbing his tongue against him. It may have been a great idea to let him warm up with Clint because Phil was definitely reaping the benefits of the way Tony’s throat didn’t even seem to register it had something in it that didn’t belong there, or the way his lips were shining and a little swollen, looking entirely too enticing wrapped around the head of his cock when Tony lingered there, as if physically unable to allow the whole thing to escape his mouth.

When Tony finally did draw away, it was with a wet sound of suction as his lips parted from the glans. His eyes moved up, meeting Phil’s, hot and glowing faintly. That was the only warming Phil got – that and a smile that tugged Tony’s lips apart – before he was taken in again, Tony’s mouth sliding onto him slower, as if he were focusing on something else.

Phil had never been so glad for someone else’s rapt focus when warmth grew into heat around his cock. It radiated as if it were alive, moving in surges. “Fuck,” Phil murmured, not wanting to get so close to the brink but his hips began to inch towards the heat, Tony’s mouth moving agonizingly slowly, never letting go of him this time, and Phil’s fingers squeezed his hair so tight it had to be painful. All he felt, however, was the wet heat on his cock and the pressure building in his balls, wanting to burst up his shaft as the unnatural heat of Tony’s body intensified.

Then, just as Phil was about ready to let go and come faster than he had in years, Tony drew back and the heat receded, leaving him feeling cold and abandoned as the other man sat licking his lips, mere inches from the head of his cock.

Phil panted and looked down at him, his chest feeling tight as if he had been groaning non-stop for the last minute. He might have; he hadn’t really been focused on that.

“What the hell did he do to you?” Clint asked, curious in his envy; there was something very primal when it came to sex and men, and if someone was having a really good time, the others wanted to know how to get some of that, too.

“That’s between us,” Tony said haughtily and winked at Phil, then leaned in to suck and lick at his cockhead before continuing down the shaft as if that were going to soothe Phil’s disappointment at not being allowed to come. It didn’t, but it was better than nothing, and Phil eased his hold on Tony’s hair.

Clint pouted for a moment, then moved around Tony and crouched down behind him. “Fine. See if I care,” he said out loud, but Phil knew he cared and perhaps they would talk Tony into doing that to him, too. Phil was definitely trying to think of all the nice things he could do to Tony to get a repeat performance of the very inappropriate use of Extremis.

To show that he didn’t care, Clint worked Tony’s sweatpants and briefs down his hips – then suddenly halted and gave Phil a wicked grin. “You got him all prepped,” he cooed before his hand disappeared, probably to tug on the plug. Tony exhaled and inhaled faster than normal, shifting a little. Clint leaned his head on the man’s shoulder, sucked his neck briefly, then said: “You’re so ready for it, Stark. The plug keeps slipping out…” Phil wished he could see better and leaned forward, catching the sight of Clint pulling the plug out – and then thrusting it back in. “I should find something bigger to stuff inside you,” Clint went on.

Phil met Clint’s eyes readily and nodded. Clint nodded back then took the plug and placed it aside. He tugged on Tony’s pants next and Phil took the hint, drawing his cock from the other man’s mouth long enough for Clint and Tony to free the latter of his pants and underwear.

“I’m not sure your cock’s going to fit the bill of something ‘bigger’,” Tony said cheekily.

In retaliation, Clint smacked his ass, and Tony had a hard time deciding whether to hiss or groan, which resulted in a truly magnificent sound. “It’s bigger and you know it,” Clint growled.

Phil took that as his cue to toss the archer the lube, who wasted no time lathering some over his cock, getting on his knees behind Tony and thrusting inside him, hard and fast, making Tony yelp a little.

“Fuck,” Tony hissed. “Take it easy there, Birdie.” That got him another smack, although the proximity of their bodies made it harder for Clint to reach his ass with his palm.

“Please, shut him up,” Clint said, looking up at Phil. “I haven’t felt such an urge to spank a person before.”

“They say you should try new things every once in a while,” Tony shot back at him, not at all subtly jerking his hips back to meet Clint’s thrusts. Phil wondered how they had gotten along so wonderfully while taping the sex video.

“You think I won’t do it?” Clint challenged, thrusting fast inside Tony, like he was trying to overpower him with sheer force.

“Maybe I want you to,” Tony replied, hot and sharp.

“So maybe I won’t.”

“Don’t expect me to cry about it.”

Phil took half a step back, watching them, putting his own hand around his cock because he wasn’t going to try getting Tony back on track while he was in a pissing contest with Clint. It was mindboggling how the two of them managed to work together at all, but then, that was a trademark feature of the Avengers: they didn’t click before they had to, and no sooner was the crisis over that some of them were back to butting heads.

And not all of the unresolved tension could be solved with sex, either, because otherwise Clint and Tony should have been getting along just fine by now.

Tony leaned forward, placing his hands on the floor, and Clint tried his best to make him fall down on his face. There was little grace in it and Phil shook his head – yet still continued to stroke himself, supposing that he might as well get off on this, too. The other two had stopped verbally arguing for now, trying to out-fuck the other instead. Phil felt like he should referee but they were all adults here. Not that it meant anything.

“Shit,” Tony ground out after a bit, his motions faltering.

“So, you’re going to come on my cock, huh? Not so little now, is it?” Clint instantly jumped at the chance to gloat.

“Still waiting for the bigger thing to show up, but… whatever,” Tony managed to reply, lowering his upper body, grinding back against Clint. “Yours will do,” he said, pouring salt on the wound. It was getting ridiculous.

“Screw you,” Clint muttered and thrust deep several times, which evidently was enough and made Tony come all over the floor. That made things stall, finally, and Clint drew back, frowning a bit – then looked up as if remembering Phil was there. “Could have said you were about to come,” he mused at Tony’s heaving back.

“Whatever,” Tony murmured from where he was now lying on the floor, breathing through the last of his orgasm.

“Well, that was… unexciting,” Phil commented.

Tony peered up at him. “I’ll be up in a minute.”

“Take your time,” Phil stated.

“No, I mean… I’ll be up in a minute, if you need me to be,” Tony repeated, as if that made it clearer. “I’m still kind of… waiting for something bigger.” Clint swatted his ass for it, receiving a dirty look from Tony. “It’s not criticism,” Tony snapped. “Besides, you should know by now that you’re not half bad.”

Clint shrugged but looked to be on the positive side of expectant now. “What did you mean by bigger, then?” Because Phil and Clint both had average dicks.

Tony grinned and rolled to a better position on the floor. “Well, as much as I liked the whole ‘filled at both ends’ thing… I want both of you in my ass.”

“We’ve both done that,” Clint replied.

“I think he means at the same time,” Phil caught on, and Tony gave him a smile in reward. “I’m not sure if it’s –”

“Hell yeah,” Clint said before Phil could finish and sprung to his feet. “Bedroom’s that way,” he pointed needlessly, then looked down at Tony. “Get up.”

With a dramatic roll of his eyes, Tony gathered himself from the floor – Phil gave him a hand, which Tony accepted. Tony also helped himself to some gratuitous stroking of Phil’s cock again, which made walking to the bedroom a bit more difficult, but they got there and Clint smoothed the bed covers and tossed aside the pillows to make room. After he was done fussing, he turned and looked at Tony, who was still stroking Phil’s cock, leaning his head on Phil’s shoulder. “Didn’t you say you were going to get it up in a minute?” Clint asked. “That’s what you were saying, right?”

Tony snorted and stepped away from Phil. “I don’t see why they won’t make you the leader of the Avengers with that kind of wit,” he said to Clint, then turned his attention inwards, head dropping a bit, a focused look on his face. Phil saw the telltale colors of Extremis washing over his skin, pooling at his groin, and as if someone had snapped their fingers, Tony’s cock began to fill.

“That’s… a really neat trick,” Clint admitted.

Tony breathed deep, the burning orange tint disappearing from his skin. “Took a lot of practice, too, so don’t try this at home, kids.” He took a dramatic pause and grinned. “Oh, wait, you can’t. My bad.”

“Shut up and come here,” Clint ordered and sat back on the bed.

“Maybe we should get Agent to lie down first,” Tony suggested.

“I’m fine,” Phil said, undoing his pants the rest of the way, then continued with his shirt in order to get naked.

“Whatever,” Clint snapped. “Phil, get on the bed.”

“He needs more prep,” Phil noted but did as he was told because he was eager and his cock jumped at the idea of being in such close proximity to both men.

“Yeah, yeah…” Clint muttered and moved to the side, fetching the lube.

Tony didn’t say anything, tugging off the shirt he had been wearing until now and straddling Phil’s hips once he was ready. He even reached over and got a pillow, placing it under Phil’s head.

“Is this good?” Phil asked. He had never done this before and it was Tony’s show now.

“Yup,” Tony replied and leaned in to kiss him – just as he maneuvered himself onto Phil’s cock, sinking down on him without a hitch. Clint had really fucked him open. For some reason that made Phil want to fuck up into Tony so he did, several times, until Tony sat down on him firmly enough to make it difficult to move. “Okay, let the man do his job,” he jerked his thumb over his shoulder at Clint, who had also stripped and was tossing the tube of lube from one hand to the other.

Clint moved onto the bed behind Tony, just sitting there for a bit. “You know, it should feel weird, all this,” he debated as he lubed up his fingers and then slid one inside Tony beside Phil’s cock. It didn’t increase the tightness of Tony’s body, exactly, but the second finger definitely gave a preview of what was to come.

“Does it?” Tony asked, shifting minutely, clearly trying to distract himself with conversation. He leaned down over Phil, giving him a brief smile.

“No,” Clint confessed, working his fingers steadily. The shift against the base of Phil’s cock felt good and he tried to breathe as easily as he could with Tony on top of him, to wait for the other two to get ready. He wasn’t going to get it up again if he lost it now. “I look at Phil’s cock in your ass and all I want to do is get in there with him.”

“Well, you’ve been together a lot longer than I’ve been in the mix,” Tony started.

“Exactly,” Clint said and started working a third finger in, which made Tony catch his breath and Phil close his eyes for a moment in order to center himself. “It should be weird that you’re here. A random stranger would be easier – someone who doesn’t get us and who we are – but it’s you and it kind of clicks.” Considering that he and Tony had been at each other’s throats just a few minutes ago – while fucking – made that statement resonate with something that made Phil’s chest clench with emotion.

“What he’s trying to say,” Phil spoke up, “is that I chose well.”

Clint’s free hand slapped his thigh. “Watch it, old man.”

“But I did,” Phil insisted and slid a hand into Tony’s hair, pulling him down for a kiss. “I really, really did.”

“It might still backfire on you,” Tony warned.

“What else is new?” Phil asked him. Every choice they made had the potential to blow up in their faces. Every person they brought into their lives would be affected by it, becoming one more factor to count into every equation. It was a good thing Tony liked equations and was rarely if ever wrong, and if he kept coming back for this – agreeing to be their middle man – then something had to be going in the right direction.

“Enough prep,” Tony told Clint.

“Are you sure?” Clint asked before Phil could. “I think I’m losing circulation in my fingers…”

“Get your dick in my ass or else I’ll leave you two to finish up with your hands,” Tony threatened, adjusting his hips.

“Hey, it’s your ass, not mine,” Clint threw up his hands, moved away long enough to locate a towel to wipe his fingers on, then returned and shifted into position between Phil’s legs. “It’s gonna get crowded in there,” he murmured, and Phil felt him start to press in.

For long seconds it felt like it was never going to work: Tony was too tight and Clint couldn’t possibly slip in. The pressure where Phil’s cock entered Tony grew and grew, until finally something gave and Tony heaved in a lungful of air, almost shivering, and Clint was actually pushing inside next to Phil.

It was the best sensation he had ever felt and Phil tried to concentrate on the man on top of him, to see if it was actually too much for Tony to handle. A low groan rose from Tony’s chest and his face look a bit pained, but then it all came awash with a golden glow and the heat around Phil’s cock was so much more compared to what Tony had done with his mouth earlier.

“Tony?” Clint asked in alarm.

“Push the rest of the way in,” Tony requested, and Clint did, although his instincts were probably telling him to draw back from the unnatural heat. “Thank you,” Tony gasped when Clint bottomed out, his balls settling near Phil’s own. It was intimate beyond belief and when Tony leaned down, resting his head on Phil’s chest, his lips kissed the ugly scar left by Loki’s scepter.

The heat receded somewhat, like warm surface water being disturbed by a cooler current rising from beneath it, yet it still lingered, shifting in slowing beats that Phil soon recognized as Tony’s heartbeat.

“Move,” Phil whispered – anything louder than that may have broken the moment – and Clint did. He moved just a little at first, as if to test that he could move at all, and then came the first proper thrust. Tony bared his teeth, yet the sound that rose from his chest was that of unadulterated pleasure.

Encouraged by this, Clint started moving for real. Once he got a rhythm, Phil tried to get in on the action, too, although his position wasn’t ideal for it and eventually he just settled for running his hands up and down Tony’s back and sides, even drifting down to his ass to feel Clint’s skin brushing against his fingers as he thrust.

Phil figured he and Clint were both getting close to climax and hoped Tony was getting there as well; if not, it would be no hardship to make him come, but Phil imagined that coming with two cocks inside you was an intense experience. He wanted to make this special for all of them, but didn’t know how to enhance it beyond how it already felt.

Tony lifted his head after a bit, getting his arms under him, hoisting his upper body higher. He looked breathless as his eyes met Phil’s, his hair mussed up, lips still a bit swollen. His hips jerked down to meet Clint’s thrusts although there wasn’t much room for him to move – especially with the constant danger of dislodging someone.

Phil decided that it was best to let Clint handle this one and reached up to draw Tony back down and into a kiss. Instantly he knew what desperation felt like, Tony’s breaths shivering, lips restless and tongue barely knowing which way to go in between their mouths. Phil tried to ground him, to calm him, but Clint was starting to groan non-stop and Phil’s breaths were getting noisier as well.

“Close?” Clint called out.

“Yes,” Phil replied and Tony’s head fell onto his shoulder. He slid a hand to the back of Tony’s head, fingers sliding between strands of hair before squeezing, tight and reassuring. “Are you going to come with us, Tony?”

All he got in response was a tightly-wound groan.

Phil found Clint’s eyes and the other man gave him a shaky smile before tossing his head back – seconds before one of his hands reached down and briefly played with both their balls, squeezing just right, rolling them against each other.

When Phil came, it was sudden and so hard he saw spots before his eyes, and he was afraid he was going to pull too hard on Tony’s hair.

It was over entirely too fast, too, and then Clint was pulling out, panting and sagging down on the bed. “Fucking hell,” he stated, and Phil agreed.

Tony’s ass felt loose for a moment, and although he was already losing his hard-on, Phil used his remaining strength to cant his hips up and settle as deep inside Tony’s body as he could. In response to it, Tony’s lips parted on his neck, making way for his teeth to start sucking a hickey on Phil’s neck, low by his shoulder where he could hide it if he wanted to. Tony’s hips started to grind down on his cock while his own hard cock painted a trail of heat on Phil’s stomach.

A hand appeared between their bodies out of nowhere; Phil started while Tony just groaned and sucked harder at his throat. Clint shifted to a better angle, jerking Tony off furiously with the last of the energy he had left. Phil just lay there, trying to see – then whined as Clint stuck his head in there, pulling Tony’s cock to the side to get the head in his mouth, making Tony buck up so hard he slipped off Phil’s cock and came half on Clint’s face.

They all stilled for a moment, panting and getting their bearings.

Phil, in his lethargic state, witnessed the moment when Tony saw Clint for the first time after coming and swooped down to lick the spattered cum from his face, then kissed his way into his mouth almost ravenously. The burst of energy was gone almost as soon as it appeared, though, leaving Tony slipping down between the two of them, still half-draped over Phil’s body. Clint inched closer, sighing as he found a good position, and Phil tried to tug a sheet on top of them.

“Leave it,” Tony murmured.

“We’ll get cold,” Phil argued, knowing that they were all going to have to take a nap before anyone even suggested a shower.

“No, we won’t,” Tony promised, kissing his scarred skin again, then settled down.

Sure enough they didn’t get cold, Tony’s skin radiating enough heat to make it feel like a sunny summer day in Tahiti.

The End


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